3 Steps to Design for Client Attraction

It’s not the mere fact of having a website which is important. It’s having a strategy or purpose for it.

Only with a purpose in mind, can you effectively organize the pages, add features, and write your copy.

And, for many new coaches, their main goal is to build up a practice full o’ clients.

To do that, you must apply client-attraction design.

Here are the three steps:

1 – Begin your website interaction with where visitors are at.

Studies show that visitors leave websites if they don’t get engaged within 5 to 8 seconds of arriving. And therefore, your website must immediately grab them and lead them on.

How do you do that?

Begin your interaction with their immediate interests – and that is almost always a challenge they want to overcome or goal they want to attain.

For example, your home page copy should start with giving the visitor hopes of success.

Starting with their situation shows visitors that you know them, you care about them, you know how they feel, and that you are a possible source of help.

For example, here’s an image of an Expat Coach whose home page begins with challenges faced by her target audience:

You can see that if you are living abroad and struggling, this would get your attention and you would immediately dive in.

To help you gain clients, engage visitors by beginning with their situation.

2 – Fill in the solution.

After beginning with your visitor’s situation, tell them about what you do and how you do it.

BUT, keep it simple and brief AND tie these “what you do” items into more value and benefits for your clients.

For example, instead of listing out all of your coaching competencies and their definitions, point out a few key ones that you love and translate why this mean great things for your clients.

This could be applied as follows …

Let’s say many of your clients come to you stuck in a marriage where the flame burned out and you help them rekindle the fire.

You might say,

“I ask very specific powerful questions which will get you to rapidly see the things which are putting a damper on your love. With this we can quickly remove them and get you feeling those excited-to-see-your-mate butterflies again – spicing things up!”

Can you see how the second sentence spells out “what you do” in terms of “what clients want?”

If you fill in the solution and point out the value, visitors will naturally conclude they should hire you as their coach.

3 – Lead them to take action towards signing up as a client

Ask visitors to take action. Any action steps you ask visitors to take should be natural and make sense.

Make each step natural and logical.

For example, giving a complete stranger 4 hours of your time, one-on-one, to convince them coaching works might be a bit much.

However, getting them on your email list for a few weeks and providing them with a few articles would be a good primer towards inviting them for a free session.

Regardless of what you do, you need to ask them to take steps. Action makes things happen.

In conclusion, whether you want visitors to become clients, buy a product or sign up for some program, follow these three steps:

1 – begin with them,

2 – fill in your solution,

3 – and, invite them to act.

Doing so will result in more effective client-attraction design and ultimately lead to more clients coming to you for coaching.

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