5 Ways to Get More Free-Session Requests from Your Website

Many free session forms on coaching websites don’t work – they get very few or basically zero responses.

This article discusses 5 things you can do to make your free session form or invitation work – that is to make it irresistible so that prospects will fill it out and be excited to explore working together with you.

1. Make your free session form invitation prominent.

Many forms are buried in text or submerged deep within the website pages. Make finding your form easy by creating a link on your main navigation, adding small invitations on the side area, and mentioning the free session in your body copy.

2. Give it a snazzy title.

A good title for your free session can garner more attention and motivate people to contact you. Create a title that discusses a client’s challenge or goal. For example instead of offering “A Free Session,” offer a “Boost Your Energy Session” if you coach clients on health.

3. List some of the benefits that clients can get from this free session.

Common benefits clients get from a free session include: clarification of goals, uncovering hidden obstacles, and gaining fresh, new  motivation.

4. Ask some powerful questions.

You know a few good questions can make major shifts towards reaching goals. Get your prospects excited about their futures by asking some questions on your form, such as “What would you love your situation to be like in 3 months from now?” and “What are the biggest challenges you are facing right now?”

5. Make the offer rare.

We naturally want things we can’t have. It’s just the way we are. Therefore, make your offer rare by limiting it to a specific number of people and/or a specific amount of time.

For example …

Here’s a simple example of a website invitation for a health coach working with mature women who feel low energy to deal with the day’s demands.

Schedule a Skyrocket Your Energy Session.

In this session we will:

> Define what it means to you to be full of energy

> Uncover energy zappers that you may not know are draining you

> Create an action plan to help you go from too tired to overflowingly energetic.

To schedule this session, please tell us:

> What is happening with your health right now?

> What you would love your energy to be like 3 months from now?

> What are the biggest challenges you are facing right now?

This offer is available to only five people during the month of May.

Can you see how this kind of invitation to explore your coaching can be much more attractive than a one-liner on your website like: “I offer free sessions?”

In conclusion¬† …

… apply these tips and make your free session invitation enticing for prospective clients. It’s your duty as a coach to get them excited about their future and help them take action now, i.e. to sample your coaching!

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  1. Cindy July 15, 2015 at 2:51 pm #

    I am loving this article! I plan to use all of these GREAT tips!


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