A Simple Link Description Formula to Bring Traffic

Writing a good link description is like having a good elevator speech. It gets people interested in what you do and gets them to want to explore more – i.e. click to your website.

When I talk about link descriptions, I’m referring to the links you seek (or are asked) to put on other websites that your target audience visits.

For example, if you are a relationship coach and you have training in special techniques to help couples, your training school may list you and your services on their list-of-trainers page. And, on that page you would be permitted to put a link to your website.

A good link should…

1 – Be reflective of who you help, what you do, and what you can help people achieve.

2 – Provide an immediate, super compelling reason to visit – NOW, such as a very helpful article

3 – Be a clean, simple text link like: http://www.GreatShapeNowCoaching.com

Here’s an example:

GreatShapeNow Coaching helps outta-shape office executives implement a fast and effective fitness program to help them look young and feel energized. Get our special report, 5 Steps to Feeling 10 Years Younger for the Super-Busy Professional at http://www.GreatShapeNowCoaching.com

Can you see the various elements at work?

  • A short phrase describing who: outta-shape office executives
  • What you offer: fast and effective fitness program
  • Benefit of what you do:  look young and feel energized
  • Reason to visit site: free report on steps to feeling 10 years younger
  • Website address in full with “http://”

A side tip: Create a page on your website, “Link to Us” that invites others to link to you. And, on this page put your new link description. This will make it easy to invite others to link to you as well as ensure your link description has the key components for attracting visitors.

Another side tip: Adding your keywords into your link description will help build traffic to your website for those keywords. Search engines look at keywords that are in the link as well as keywords nearby the link.

Don’t have a good link description? Write one up now and share it below as a comment!

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