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7 Signs Your Site is Confusing

7 Signs Your Site is Confusing

The most important element for making a website effective is a powerful message. Immediately after that comes usability – that is, your website CANNOT be confusing or else people won’t use it.

Let me go into the seven signs that your site is confusing and then I’ll give you a few tips on how to improve it.

Sign 1. You are wondering IF your site is confusing.

If you’ve been … read on


Blog Titling Tip – Don’t Spill the Beans

When you title your blog articles, crafting a good title is huge. A bad title will turn people away from reading it and a good one will engage them right from the outset.

I don’t have to tell you that the more people read your articles, the more they become familiar with you, trust you, and see you as an expert coach. And clients love hiring experts!

So, if you’re … read on

About ME Pages that Boasts

About ME Pages that Boast

For many coaches, the second most visited page (second to the homepage) is the About Me page. I just looked at my own website stats and my About Me page is #15 of hundreds (I have loads of articles), so it’s up there in the top 5%.

I know you’d agree. I’m sure you’ve checked out your coaching friends online, and as soon as you get to their sites, I … read on

Are You Promoting Like a Big Company or Human

Are You Promoting Like a Big Company or Human?

You’re not a company. Are you trying to look like a big company on your coaching website? Does your copy sound impersonal? Force-feeding your logo on visitors? Burying your photo deep into your site? Using big words?

You’re human. You’re a person people (clients) want to be around. To follow. To be inspired and motivated by. To be shown the way – which does constitute developing their ability to find … read on

When to hire inexpensive overseas web design help

When to Hire Inexpensive Overseas Web Design Help

Hiring web design help overseas is a great move for saving dollars, but it doesn’t come without a few hitches. Here are five things to bear in mind (and plan for) as you consider how you’re gonna get low-cost help.

1. You’ve got a GOOD handle on your content.

Web designers overseas will not be able to do much to help you create great content. Content is what they are … read on

Super Slick Backup Setup for WordPress Websites

Super Slick Backup Setup for WordPress Websites

Backing up is a wise move. But it hasn’t become as easy as 1-click yet. Sadly. Given all the great tech advances on the Web, this is something that should already be available as a plugin.

However, in the last few months, I’ve researched, tinkered and toyed with a few tools out there to arrive at a super slick setup that works amazingly.

Here are the benefits:

1. Backups are … read on

Colors and Feelings on Websites for Coaches

Colors and Feelings on Websites for Coaches

Have you ever wondered why a number of website niches seem to have certain color themes?

Let’s try an experiment. First, try checking out your favorite food blog sites. Now, try visiting your favorite hobby sites. Notice the similar colors they used.

Maybe you’ll see a few orangey and greenish colors on those food websites and then you’ll notice similar recurring colors in those hobby sites. See the pattern where … read on