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How to Use Time to Stop Making a Mountain of Your Online Marketing Tasks

How to Use Time to Stop Making a Mountain of Your Online Marketing Tasks (Getting it Done Well and Faster with Less Stress)

A big stopper to success in marketing is resistance – when you resist doing your marketing activities. There are blockers like procrastination, perfectionism, and a host of other fears. I’m sure you can name some of your own demons.

Here’s a great tool for hacking away at these action-frictions to increase traffic, grow a following, and build your expert image.

The tool: Limit time.

Limit the time you spend on … read on

Why You Struggle to Sell Coaching

Why You Struggle to Sell Coaching

Explaining coaching doesn’t sell it. It teaches people how to become a coach. Instead, sell the thing coaching brings – the success.

But the thing coaching brings, the future success, is unknown when you meet a possible client.

Thus, you’ll need to spend time finding out ‘whoemveryourtalkingto’s’ future want in order to sell them on hiring you.

The “future want” needs to be much bigger than the cost of coaching, … read on

Four Heading Tips to Engage Readers in Your Freebie

Four Heading Tips to Engage Readers in Your Freebie

Your freebie (free offer) is a key asset in your marketing as a coach. It’s the draw to get people to check you out – to give them a taste of your coaching greatness.

If you have a simple written document and are organizing the material so it’s easy to follow and engaging, readers will consume it whole.  This is a great way to build your guru coach image.

Here … read on

Blogging Better Video - Google Docs Sharing Commenting Accountability

Blogging Better Video – Google Docs, Sharing, Commenting, Accountability

Blogging can be tough because there’s quite a bit of friction in the process. From getting ideas, to writing, to polishing, to getting past fears of sending your pieces out, to staying accountable, etc … many coaches struggle to blog consistently.

In this article, let me share with you how to use Google Docs’s sharing and commenting mechanism and how I use it with my priceless accountability partner, Pattie.

First, … read on

9 Reasons Google Docs Rocks for Fast Website Creating

9 Reasons Google Docs Rocks for Fast Website Creating

In the last two years, I’ve been having clients use Google Docs for creating website content. We use it to draft and polish up various pieces of content, including their free giveaway, their blogs and their website pages. It is fantastic!

Here are my top 9 reasons Google Docs is such an amazing tool for content creation:

1. It’s easy to share.

Documents on Google are easy to share with … read on

7 Signs Your Site is Confusing

7 Signs Your Site is Confusing

The most important element for making a website effective is a powerful message. Immediately after that comes usability – that is, your website CANNOT be confusing or else people won’t use it.

Let me go into the seven signs that your site is confusing and then I’ll give you a few tips on how to improve it.

Sign 1. You are wondering IF your site is confusing.

If you’ve been … read on


Blog Titling Tip – Don’t Spill the Beans

When you title your blog articles, crafting a good title is huge. A bad title will turn people away from reading it and a good one will engage them right from the outset.

I don’t have to tell you that the more people read your articles, the more they become familiar with you, trust you, and see you as an expert coach. And clients love hiring experts!

So, if you’re … read on