How to Blog to Attract Clients

Mitzi is a life coach working with moms in NYC and we’ve been working on her blogs to make them exciting, fun and attractive. 


If you’ve watched activity online, you’ll see that a great way to get your coaching name out there is to publish good content.

Your articles will attract your ideal clients, who will probably read even more of your blog.

Great blogs build your image as a great coach and non-invasively encourage people to learn about you.

It’s attraction. It’s smooth. It brings traffic.


Five things I love about Mitzi’s blogs:

  1. Images you can’t resist.

She really nails down the visual that goes with each blog. They are stunning and make you want to click. It’s great for getting attention, especially when you post to places like Facebook.

  1. Great titles.

Her article titles have both elements needed to get people to read: mystery and value.

  1. It’s short and sweet.

While I’m not a mom, I find myself clicking and reading her articles because they are short, sweet and easy to read – vital for engaging readers.

  1. Personality.

You can tell she’s a fun person to work with as a coach. Simple, fun and real. I also like the consistent use of “5 things”.

  1. Challenge.

The biggest thing is that her articles are focused on a challenges. Both the title and the 1st paragraph do a great job of talking about the challenge. People are drawn to “how to” types of articles. Especially struggling people who need to hire coaches!

Well done Mitzi. You go!

Remember, people love engaging articles that are valuable, especially ones that teach us how to overcome challenges. Add some fun personality and great images, and your blog articles will draw people in.

What are you finding works in your blogging? What do you think of Mitzi’s blogs? Love to hear from you. 


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