Coaching Niche Articles

Coaching Niche Articles

As you know, having a coaching niche is a smart way to make your client attracting efforts (sales and marketing) much more effective.

A coaching niche helps by:

  • Creating a powerful, attention-grabbing message
  • Makes you look like an expert
  • Helps you find where clients are (big benefit)
  • Makes your name more memorable
  • Makes your coaching programs easier to develop
  • You get better, faster, at coaching this group
  • It’s easier to address their problems and “talk to them” – for example when writing an article or giving a talk

If you are serious (I know, I know, but really, are you serious?) about filling your practices with clients so that you can earn what you need and enjoy helping others, then I would strongly suggest getting specific on who you will help – that is defining your niche.

Below are various articles on how to discover, choose, and develop your coaching niche. I’d suggest reading/printing out each of the articles and read them through.

  • Choosing a Niche Market: How & Why – This is an excellent article. I especially like the suggestion in makes on lucrative markets. Membership is required to access this article, but there are many more excellent articles there.
  • Establishing Your Credibility as a Coach – The interview suggestion in this article is perfect for helping you get over the fear of choosing the wrong coaching niche.
  • Niche Criteria for a Successful coaching Practice – This article provides a good laundry list of ideal niche criteria. If you struggle with your coaching niche this article provides more help.
  • Living Your Niche (pdf) – An awesome article with helpful lists and powerful questions. Lots of good coaching niche information in this article.
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