How to Reach Thousands of People This Weekend With Your Website

In recent work with one of my super star students, Mary carried out a super simple but highly effective visibility strategy to help her start getting new clients.

Let me share with you how it works …

website traffic reach 1000s

Before I share it, one odd thing about websites …

You see, the mere act of putting a website up does NOT guarantee any one will see it

It’s not like a new store in a mall that automatically gets foot traffic.

It’s not like an ad in the paper that already has a readership.

A new website online is more like a cabin in the woods, in the middle of nowhere – no one knows it exists.

(Yes, the horror movie kind of cabin. Yipes!)

So, to make any use of your website, you need traffic.

And to get the ball rolling, you don’t need to go crazy with search engine optimization or complicated advertising schemes.

And so here’s what we did …

What I had Mary do is simple start tapping into her existing network. 

I simply asked her to begin telling everyone she knew about her new website with a super simple method – personal email.

And it worked like a charm.

She got two new clients from her first week of emailing.

And this approach works because those in your network already know, like and trust you.

Just make sure that when you reach out to them in a friendly way. Don’t beg with a “send me clients please” kind of message.

Also, make sure your website has the vital basics like engaging content, a powerful message, success stories, a call-to-action (to get people to schedule calls with you) and a way to keep in touch (like an email list) to grow relationships with people over time.

This way when they go check you out or refer you to others, you look competent and serious about what you do.

You can easily reach 10-20 closer contacts in an hour with coffee on Saturday morning.

You can easily reach hundreds who also know you by posting a message to one of your coaching groups or social networks.

Your immediate network can easily add up to over 1,000 people, including:

  • Your FB friends
  • Your LinkedIn connections
  • Any groups you’re in from LinkedIn, Facebook, or Meetup
  • Any offline organizations or clubs like Toastmasters, fitness groups, etc.
  • Any past colleagues, clients, business associates, friends or acquaintances

Another quick story …

In coaching one of my health coach clients, we constantly see, like a broken record, that those who sign up for her program do so because they know, like and trust her – and it has very little to do with the actual specifics in the program.

The people who know her the best, the longest and trust her the most sign up the fastest.

Another testament to reaching out to your network – your trusted tribe.

Don’t be afraid to do this overly simple approach either because …

You may resist telling people for various reasons: afraid to look like a fraud, afraid of what others might think, or even fear of success.

And to that I say this …

There are so many people out there struggling with tough challenges, and when they discover you, they will think an angel came down from heaven.

Your job is to get out there and help them find you.

The longer you wait and more you hesitate, the more THEY will sit around struggling.

If we are given talents when we enter this world, isn’t it our duty to bring them into the world?

Plus, there are your dreams too … of earning an income as a coach and designing a lifestyle that puts a big smile on your face.

The takeaway messages:

  • You must get visible. In some way shape or form. Must. Must. Must.
  • Your immediate network, those who know and trust you, are your best buyers now.
  • Reach out to them first, then build the bigger database (tribe / raving fans).
  • Make sure you build your website fast so you can get it out, see the response, test, and improve. Like anything new you do, you have to get at it, stumble, learn and improve.

Which are your immediate networks? Does every person who knows you, knows what you do? Love to hear from you, just post below.

4 Responses to How to Reach Thousands of People This Weekend With Your Website

  1. Sue January 21, 2016 at 12:25 am #

    Great info and so important.

  2. Lisa January 22, 2016 at 3:24 pm #

    Great info and reminder to harvest relationships sitting right in front of you! It can be hard to approach former colleagues, though, especially if you have a new identity as a small biz owner.

    • Kenn Schroder January 26, 2016 at 9:32 pm #

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Lisa. Yeah, it can be hard … how can we make it easy(er)? (There is a smooth way)

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