Is this you?

Is this you?

Many coaches struggle to get their business off the ground without a solid Web presence.

They hesitate to promote their services because they know people will check them out online. They don’t want to appear amateur with a poorly done website.

Struggling with her site? Or new way to right click?

As a result, these coaches resist going to networking events, seeking referral partners, or telling people that they are in business.

If you’re not out there, then you’re not getting clients or making money. Your business is stuck at a standstill. This can really dampen your dreams. Boo!

In the ideal world, you’ve got a great website that impresses prospects.

You’ve got the cutting-edge tools for marketing online. You’ve got a powerful message that reflects what you’re about. You’ve got the confidence to get out there and tell the world.

And when you start getting clients and start making money, you can enjoy the view from the first summit of success: you’ve proven that you CAN do this. Yes!

Why coaches fail to create an attractive website.

The main culprit is lack of web marketing experience.

This inexperience (natural for anyone new in business, don’t feel bad) often leads to a website that’s ho-hum. The content is weak and disorganized. There are no juicy calls-to-action.

Hmmm. Why am I struggling?

Actually, in my experience, most coaches hide the good stuff! They put the juiciest material deep within the site and lead with the boring stuff. Quite ironic.

Another cause: trying to sell “coaching”.

People don’t buy “coaching”. They buy what it can bring, such as “an exciting new career”, a “sexy body”, or “a loving partner”.

Think about gym memberships. Do people really buy gym memberships to run on treadmills,  lift heavy weights, and sweat in classes? Nope. They do it to look sexy, feel great, and improve sports performance.

Focusing too much on coaching, and too little on what people really want, the benefits, leads to poor results including:

  • low conversions on websites (low sales, or requests for consultations)
  • getting prospects who “can’t afford coaching”
  • clients who don’t stick around long

Two Keys to a Magnetic Web Presence

Yes, a good-looking, fast-loading, easy-to-use website is important. It’s also important that it works properly on all browsers and devices (laptop, iPhone).

Interested, engaged and excited!

BUT, even more important than those are:

1 – Creating compelling content.

When your content is well-organized and exciting, people will consume it. They will read your articles, get on your email list, and buy your products.

When you focus on selling the benefits people will want to engage in your methods (coaching). They will commit to coaching, stick around for months, and value it highly – after all, they want the benefits (get it?).

You need compelling content to get people excited about working with you.

2 – Implementing strategies that work.

With the right strategies in place, you’ll be able to quickly attract people TO your site, instantly ENGAGE them with content, and smoothly lead them to ACTIONS that lead to a sale.

Strategies that educate clients, continue contact, compel invitations, and include free giveaways bring new clients to you.

You need strategies that lead people to buy.

With a solid web presence, marketing is easy!

With a powerful message and key tools in place, you’ll be eager to get out there and tell the world about what you do.

You will be confident that people will get excited about your services and get into your marketing funnel – leading to more clients, more money, and more fulfilling work.

I help coaches who are struggling to get out there, get clients, and grow their business. I provide coaching website design to help you confidently promote your business knowing that people will be WOWed.

Who I Work With

My clients are coaches or similar professionals who coach, mentor, teach, consult, or advise people.

Yes, all coaches have perfect, white teeth! 😉

They help people with relationships, health, careers, and business. These coaches are often new in business and struggle with marketing and selling.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • You have a handful of clients now but want to have 10 or more to be able to coach full-time.
  • You feel overwhelmed with all the info out there and tasks on your list.
  • You’re struggling to get your thoughts and ideas into a cohesive, authentic, exciting message.
  • You’re hesitant to get out there and market. Things aren’t moving along as fast as you’d like.

The clients that benefit most from me have these in common:

  • They had past success. My clients have been successful in growing a career or running a business. They bring their success habits to their coaching practice.
  • They are good students. My clients have a steady “do-your-homework” attitude about their work and enjoy learning. We’ll be doing new, fun things, so learning is a must!
  • They enjoy a good laugh. While much of what we do is good old-fashioned hard work, humor makes things fun.

You should have a site that you can’t shut up about!

These coaches love to get out and market!

More benefits of working with me: 

  • You’ll get a clearer, more focused message.
  • You’ll understand marketing better.
  • You’ll get a deeper sense of how the Web grows your business.

My approach to websites and marketing

  • Client-centered design.
    I may like your site. You may like your site. But, if your client’s don’t like your site, then you’ve got a site that doesn’t work. Your design, content, and interactive features must be tailored to serve your clients.
  • Calls to action!
    In addition to serving your clients with a great website, you also need to make money. Thus, your website must get visitors to take an action. They must DO something that leads to contacting you for a coaching session, signing up for a program, or buying a product.

Most web designers don’t understand marketing.

Most web designers are either good with visuals or good with coding. Rarely do you find a web designer who’s good at both. Almost never do you find one with a sense of marketing (just watch how they market).

How about one who also works exclusively with coaches?

Your next step.

Tell me more about your situation by filling out the form on this page: Your next step.


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