Your Next Step

Your Next Step

Stuck? Struggling? Confused or frustrated?

Yes, it can be tough sometimes to get your site done, to get the content in good order, or to tweak or redesign a website so that it is working. It can be a time-wasting money pit that devours your dreams. But never fear, Kenn is here!

Here are some ways I may be able to help you …

1. Read this blog and get tips by email for FREE.

I publish a TON of stuff on this blog and send out gems of advice to my list regularly. You should sign up for my list and read the articles to improve your odds for success. You’ll also get that free website checklist. Sign up on the right.

2. Get the guide I wrote for $97. 

I put a lot of work into this puppy. If you’re building your website without it, chances are you’re going to make a mess, spend a lot of time and end up having to redo your site. Don’t do that! Buy my guide to give you strategies, formulas, examples, and hacks for creating a great website. Upgrade your mind to think “client attraction”. More about The Coaching Site Guide.

3. Hire me as your web designer or advisor.

If you want someone who has worked with coaches, who has helped coaches get more clients online, who can hand-hold you through the process and create a great site you’d be proud to share with the world, I might be that person. Getting in touch is easy, just tell more more about you here …

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