`Five Tips when Adding Content to WordPress

Five Tips When Adding Content to WordPress

If you’re just getting started with WordPress, here are five quick tips to make adding content smoother and easier.

The tips in the video are:

Expand the editing region to give you more space – Drag the corner hash marks in the lower right corner of the text editor to give you more space to work with. Use the Kitchen Sink button to show more editing options. The HTML and… read on

Responsive Design: Reaching More People with Your Coaching Site

I was just blown away by my favorite theme, Canvas from WooThemes. 

Let me explain “responsive design” in words before I show you in a video.

You see these days we’ve got quite a wide range of methods for viewing web page: phones, pads, laptops, desktops, tv’s and James Bond tuxedo shoes – and your website is likely to get seen on any and all of these.

As such, you … read on


How to Start a Keep-in-touch Strategy in 32 Minutes

So you want a website to get you clients right? You want to sell your coaching programs or products. You want a business to sustain you financially while you get to help people succeed. Great!

The problem is that many people, when they first come to your site, don’t know you well enough; don’t trust you enough; aren’t familiar with you enough to act on buying or contacting you now.… read on


How to Write a Coaching Service Summary that Sells

In this tutorial, I’m going to share with you a very powerful way to summarize any one of your coaching services (programs, groups, classes, etc).

To clarify something, when you start a coaching business and in growing it, you’ll be creating “coaching services”. These are the offerings people can engage in. It’s what they can say “yes” or “no” to.

And when people visit your site, they’ll be perusing your … read on


How to Drive Traffic to Your Coaching Website with This Facebook Page Tweak

As you know, a website is of little use without traffic. You could have a nice site with bells and whistles, but if no one is coming, what purpose will it serve?

Here’s a neat tweak for the new Facebook Page layout (February 2012) to get more people to your site and onto your list.

What we are going to do is update your page’s “About” section (very prominent on … read on


A Simple Home Page Title Tag Formula for Getting Traffic

The title tag is a VITAL element for getting traffic from search engines. When properly done it can do two things nicely: (1) improve your rankings so that you show up higher on searchers, and (2) attract more clicks from being visually attractive.

Each page on your site has a title tag associated with it. This tag is hidden in the code. The content in this tag is what search … read on


Five Reasons to Have Your Own Branded Domain Name

Your domain name or URL or “the link to your site” is what you put on your biz cards, your email signatures, and web profiles. It’s the link that people use to get to your website.  And you don’t want to make this difficult for people to see, read or understand.

For example, mine is: www.CoachingSitesThatWork.com

It begins with “www” then has the name of the website, and then ends … read on