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Life Coach Sandy Lee’s Website Before and After

I’ve been reviewing coaching websites on LinkedIn. If you want yours reviewed, find me on LinkedIn and post your site. See Coaches Support Group, Blogging for Coaches, Life Coach Network groups.

Here’s some advice I gave to Sandy Lee of

I like:

I really like this, “How will it feel to discover the life that keeps you mesmerized because your spirit and bank accounts finally line up with who… read on
life coach website for samantha after 2

Example of How to Get Visitors Excited and Engaged in Your Site

I’ve personally and publicly reviewed about 200 coaching websites and I can say, hands-down, without a doubt, the biggest area of improvement is to communicate value on the home page.

Here’s another review of a coaching website …

Here’s a Samantha’s website BEFORE:

I like the colors.

I think she’s got a nice photo of herself. She has a smart look and good posture.

I like that the benefit, “The … read on

business coach website after

Biggify Your WHY – Nicola’s Site

Here’s an example of how to make a WHY bigger using Nicola’s site …

Nicola’s site is here:

I like the white space. It makes reading and viewing comfortable.

I like the simple domain name as well as it’s easy to type in, remember, and share.

To make the message stronger, I’d bring out your BIGGEST WHY to the bestest client.

Like this … (and I’m guessing biz/orgs are … read on

life coach steve website AFTER

Life Coach Steve’s Website Tweaks for Generating Leads

Visitors to your site need a BIG WHY to stay at your site and invest their time to learn about you. You need to give them that.

Also, you need to GROW the relationship with them and start giving value. That’s how any relationship (love, friend work) is started – mutual benefitting.

Here are BEFORE and AFTERs for life coach Steve Vaughn’s website to both make his site highlight the … read on

life coach website tweak for ginger

Coaching Website Tweak for Life Coach Ginger to Grow Her List

This website tweak is for recovery and life coach Ginger at

The biggest thing I’d do is get a benefit-rich headline or tagline big, front, center, and dominant.

People need a WHY to stick around and explore your site.

Paint the dream life as a result of “making sobriety count” and put that into the headline.

Also, ditch the exclamation point in the “About me!” in the menu.

People … read on


Before and After for Geraldine

This is a quick tip for improving Geraldine’s website.

Here site is her: Mindfulness Coaching Works .

Thanks for posting it Geraldine.

I like the white space and clean layout. Things are easy to follow on your site. Great!

I think your site suffers from the #1 challenge most coaching sites face.


People need to know why they should explore your website.

It needs to be … read on

coach website after for sharon

Sharon’s Website Before and After

This before and after is for a member of one of my LinkedIn Groups.

Sharon’s site is here:

My tips for improving it for attracting clients …

I see lots of white. That feels great! A big plus. Cluttered, noisy sites are a minus.

(But, you may be surprised at how some sites look bad really do great, but that’s a story for another day).

I dislike your domain … read on


Before and After Coaching Website Tip – Shari

Thanks Shari for sharing your website.

Shari’s site is here:

Here’s your website BEFORE screenshot:

You’ve got a killer smile. Instant likability bonus points right away. Great!

If you are getting a new photo sometime, the flash was a bit strong and it washes out your face, hiding that warm healthy glow.

You’ll want to avoid that.

I recommend getting outside on a cloudy day or just make sure … read on