How to Quickly Grow Your List with AWeber

In this article I will show you how to quickly get started growing your list and client-base using AWeber whether you have a website or not – and if you don’t have much content.

One key element to develop in your business is your “list.” This is your list of potential clients and customers. It’s a list of people who have indicated interest in you and what you can offer.… read on


How to Sign Up More Clients with Your Initial Session: A LinkedIn Recap

I recently started a conversation about the subject of charging for an initial consultation at the LinkedIn Group, “Coaches Support Group”.

The discussion was titled, “Do you / should you / how do you charge for your initial consultation?”

There’s lots of great info and comments. It’s here: (You will have to join the group first to see the comments)

I wanted to research deeper as to how I … read on

map to high rankings

The Higher-Rankings Golden Rule

High rankings in search engines are better than gold.

It’s because the traffic you get are people who want what you have. They are actively seeking help. They are qualified – often highly qualified.

However, getting those rankings can be tough. There are loads of strategies, ideas, theories and the lot. Many work. Many don’t. Figuring out which works is the trick.

So, how do you figure out what works … read on


Two Wonderful Articles in Choice Magazine

I just got my copy of Choice Magazine, the magazine of professional coaching. In this issue (vol 9 #2) are loads of business-building articles making this a must-have issue for new coaches.

Here are two great articles I ran across at my first perusing.

Article 1, The Seven Stages of Practice Building – What it really takes to build your ideal coaching business, by Brian Whetten, MA, PhD.

The article … read on

Link Example of Permalinks

How to Increase Website Traffic with WordPress Permalinks

“Permalinks” are permanent links.

They are fixed links to website content.

Permalinks were created to make it easy to link to archived content on dynamic websites such as blogs. (If permalinks weren’t created, it would be difficult to link directly to old blog posts as they would be buried within the site)

More importantly, here’s how to use permalinks in WordPress to get you more traffic.

As you know, search … read on


A Two-Step Blog Trick to Get More Readers

One challenge coaches face when writing their articles or blog posts is making it compelling.

And, one common thing coaches do is focus their article titles on coaching concepts or techniques which aren’t attractive to readers. These kinds of titles are usually too common and don’t elicit a strong enough reason for reading them.

For example, when people see an article titled “Goal Setting Secrets” it generally doesn’t grab them.… read on


Four Keys to a Great Coaching Pic Look

It’s all about perception.

When people check you out online, they take all the inputs (written word, images, profile detail, comments, etc.) and formulate an opinion of you.

This is their perception.

The more favorable their perception, the more likely they will be drawn to you and want to get on your email list, buy a product or contacting you for coaching.

One key element in their perception of you … read on