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Best SEO Tips for Your Coaching Website

SEO means search engine optimization which means “doing stuff” to make your website rank high on search engines.

In the end, you get people to your website who are actively seeking information that’s related to what you do.

Below is a great article a friend sent me on the latest best tips for improving your rankings for 2015.

It’s a bit heavy on the industry terms, so after you take … read on

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How to show BIG BENEFITS on your coaching website

Below is a post I made on LinkedIn to make Vincent’s website more client-attracting. Vincent’s website is here:

I like the clean and easy layout. The logo and menu are easy to identify and locate. That’s great for making me feel safe to move about your site.

In Steve Krug’s book, Don’t Make Me Think, he gives us a few questions to ask when testing to see if your … read on

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Executive Coach Andrea’s Website Tweak to Immediately Engage Visitors

Engagement. That’s the name of the game when it comes to coaching websites.

The sooner you can get them interested, curious and excited the better.

When they engage, they are more likely take action like reading an article, getting on your list, or calling you for coaching.

Here’s an engagement tweak for executive coach Andrea Wedell’s website.

One quick thing I LOVE her website is white background and the dark … read on

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How to Ensure No One Reads Your Website

If you didn’t know, I’m a bit of a health nut – or cooler, a bio hacker. I love finding those hidden gems that make us healthier and life more enjoyable.

And in some research, I ran across a nice article on sleep waves. But even as much as I wanted to dig in … I just had to run for my life because of the body font.


Click … read on


A Simple Formula to Write Compelling Content for Your Coaching Website

Content is a big struggle for many coaches.

They often get stuck on writing and never get their sites up OR they do get a website up but the content is boring and engages no one.

And neither the overnight-website-building tools nor web designers will be able to help you with that.

It’s all on you.

For your words to do their work, they need to engage and excite readers … read on

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How to Add a Sweet Landing Page to Your WordPress Website

In this video, I walk you through creating a sweet page on your website – and show you how easy it is.

And we’re not creating just any page, but a landing page for promoting an ebook (or could be for a course, program, etc). A serious marketing page.

And we’ll do it within minutes.

This is the power you have when you build a coaching website on WordPress and … read on


The Core Reason Coaching Websites Flunk Video

Out on Long Island, in small town of Seaford, let me share with you the core reason coaching websites flunk.


To further add to the video, have a look at these three great examples of core messages.

I partner with frustrated, restless professionals to name and claim their authentic strengths so they can infuse more zest, joy, and meaning into their careers and lives, even if change seems … read on