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Hi. I’m Kenn Schroder, web designer for coaches.
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Kenn Schroder, Web Designer for Coaches

Hey. I’m Kenn Schroder, web designer for coaches.

After years of tinkering, testing and toiling, I finally figured out the “so called secrets” on how to build a website that sells your services for you.

I had left a less-than-exciting corporate job to pursue my passions and mold a lifestyle that made me smile. Read more about my story.

Engage visitors and build your credibility new prospects come to you eager to sign up as your client. Popular posts:

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There’s what most newbies do -> Try to be perfect, make a huge effort, learn everything, write everything, then finally get a website up, get it out there and … dum dum dum … they get crickets. Then time goes by and they start to see how people...

If selling coaching feels clumsy, cheesy, awkward and awful, then build a website that does it for you.

Whether you’re researching, building or redesigning your website? Check out the The Coaching Site Guide to make it a powerful client magnet. Details are here.

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