10 paying coaching clients

How to Get 10 Ongoing, Paying Coaching Clients from the Web

This is going to be a very short post sharing with you some key tips for making this happen: How to get a steady supply of clients, using the Web as your main vehicle.

I know many coaches wish to have an international, mobile (live wherever or travel more) business. The dream of living in other countries, traveling for a few months, retiring sooner and doing more work they love, … read on

testimonial input screen

A Great Plugin for Success Stories – WP Testimonials

I love WP-Testimonials as my website plugin for handling testimonials. It’s great because:

1. It’s very easy to use for managing testimonials – just pop in the information.

2. It has a handy widget for the sidebar. It’s fast to get going on your site.

3. It’s easy for any VA to use for updating testimonials – saving you time.

Here’s what the testimonial looks like on my website:

It’s … read on

learn wordpress baby coach

How to Quickly Learn WordPress If You’re New

Do you want to quickly build your coaching site? Are you convinced that WordPress is the way to go? (I think so). Are you ready to learn how to use it, plugins, themes and all?

To give you a good pile of resources to begin learning, I ran over to my LinkedIn buddies at the WordPress Experts group (It’s tough to keep up on everything, especially with this need for … read on

coaching website freebie

How to Get Traffic, Expert Status, and New Clients – The Glorious Freebie

The freebie. I want to sell you on why this is such a magnificent piece of your website. There are three tremendously valuable reasons.

Here are the three reasons:

Get more traffic – Instead of just publishing an article with a link to your site, you publish and article with a link to your site AND a big, “Get your copy of Gotta-Have-This-Freebie-to-Save Your-Life instantly at my site.” It motivates… read on
coaching website design - freebie diagram for attracting clients

How to Create a Free Download that Clients Gotta Have – Trick 1 – Kill the Limiting Belief

So, if you haven’t figured out why the freebie on your site is a must-do step OR if you’ve been struggling to create one that you know clients will really, really, really want, then great – you’re in luck today! Here’s one of my favorite tricks to creating that downloadable pdf visitors will want immediately.

It’s about removing the limiting belief they have.

First, a quick visual on why your … read on

client's perspective

It’s Subtle – How to Position from the Client’s Perspective

It’s tricky, surely. But to market well, on your site or anywhere, you must communicate from the client’s perspective. Here’s a breakdown of the various ways to name your free coaching session and how it matters when seeking clients.

But what you name it makes all the difference in the world.

The “Free Consultation” – CLIENTS know what this is. Consultants have done this for years. Incidentally, it’s boring and … read on