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Lean Websites

There’s what most newbies do -> Try to be perfect, make a huge effort, learn everything, write everything, then finally get a website up, get it out there and … dum dum dum … they get crickets.

Then time goes by and they start to see how people respond to their website, business, message, etc.

The newbies start to “learn”.

Then they try again, having learned a little more. Then … read on

kraken attacks wordpress ship

Top WordPress Struggles If You DIY

Doing it yourself is such a great thing if you’re a natural learner, tinkerer or curious soul. You can lose yourself in learning something new. You can have the power to manage and update your website. You can save a few bucks along the way.

But alas, brave as they are, many coaches who cast off on the WordPress ship as seafaring trainees hoping for fertile new lands, instead get … read on

coaching website video

Coaching website videos – How important are they?

Videos are an amazing tool for giving clients a sense of what you’re like.

Your voice, movement, and vibe are all conveyed on video and clients love that.

I recommend them for your website only if you can get the job done well.

They take time. They take good technology. They need good lighting, setting and audio.

They take good content as well and a comfortable, warm stage presence helps.… read on

jan career coach website

How to find a good color scheme for your website

While we can’t pinpoint it, we can certainly feel when a website’s color scheme is off.

It gives us a certain uncertainty about the site – like it’s a low quality website.

A good color scheme with both (1) feel right from a color combining sense and (2) give us an intended feeling like trust, strength or energy.

To find good colors for your website, here are two simple steps.… read on


Four Tips to Get Your Website to Flow

Many coaches struggle to get their website to flow nicely.

They want a site that draws people in, engages them, and leads them to contacting you for help. Smoothly.

They want a site that easily works with their other marketing like using Facebook or other social media.

But what is common is that coaches build hard to use, hard to read, and visually sloppy websites.

They are clunky and confusing … read on

leadership coach ryan

MP3 Recording of Mentor Coach Resource Group Interview with Gayle and Ryan on Getting Clients Online

About a month ago, before I went on vacation, I was invited to speak about coaching websites with The Mentor Coach Resource Group run by Gayle Scroggs and Ryan Schoenbeck. They provide free help for building a coaching business, skills and network.

Gayle is a real life friend. I met her back about 7+ years ago when she was living in Argentina and I was visiting there for my first … read on

life coach webste - sandy

Life Coach Sandy Lee’s Website Before and After

I’ve been reviewing coaching websites on LinkedIn. If you want yours reviewed, find me on LinkedIn and post your site. See Coaches Support Group, Blogging for Coaches, Life Coach Network groups.

Here’s some advice I gave to Sandy Lee of www.genesislifecoach.net.

I like:

I really like this, “How will it feel to discover the life that keeps you mesmerized because your spirit and bank accounts finally line up with who… read on