One Scary Copywriting Tip

I remember reading this advice in my journey to writing great …

Cut your copy in half. Then cut it in half again.

Wow! That’s pretty scary.

It seems the hard part is to get copy on paper. And when you do finally come up with some good material, you are asked to cut it in half, twice!

Recently, I updated a section of content on my About page in … read on

lead magnet definition

Coaching Website Terms, Definitions and Jargon

Below are words, terms, definitions, phrases and more jargon to help you understand how coaching websites work and ESPECIALLY on how to use them to attract clients.


This means asking people to take an action at your website like buy an ebook, sign up for your email list, contact you by email or phone, or leave a comment on your blog.

They can be anything, but they must be … read on

biz coach website tweak

Website Tweak for Billie – Being Specific and Simpler

Here’s a website tweak for Billie Attaway over at the Wealthy and Prosperous Coach’s Forum on LinkedIn. You can go there to post your website if you like – to get an idea to improve it for client attraction.

The before …

My suggested tweak …

I like the top area with plenty of white space and an easy-to-understand menu. Nice, roomy, safe.

The rest of the page scares me. … read on

coach website design after

Coaching Website Before and After for Ariana

I’m reviewing coaching websites in the LinkedIn group, The Coaches Support Group. Below is Ariana Elsie McNally’s career coaching website tweak I suggest.

Here’s the before …

Here’s my suggested tweak …

I love the clean white layout and the easy and non-space-hogging menu in the upper right. The body content is very easy to read. 

To improve, I’d get your face on the home page so they know who … read on

coach website ann after

Coaching Website Tweak for Ann

To improve Ann’s coaching website for client attraction, here are before and after images along with my suggested tweak.

If you want me to review your website? Just join either of these LinkedIn groups, Coaches Support Group or Wealthy Prosperous Coach’s Forum.

Before screenshot

My suggested tweak for attracting more clients with your website

Thanks for posting your site Ann … really love the 5 minute “reset me” meditation and … read on

coaching website after

Before and After for Jeannie

Here’s a website before and after for Jeannie Murphy at http://www.ForTimesLikeThis.com. If you want your website looked at for a quick tweak to improve it, head on over to this post at the Coaches Support Group on LinkedIn.

Here’s the BEFORE

Here’s my suggested tweak

I’d get your free giveaway up to the top of your website for two BIG marketing reasons:

(1) Because it will be a tool to … read on

leadership coach website icon

Website Tweak to Grow Your List – Valiant Group

Thanks Annette for posting your website over at the Coaches Support Group where I’m doing free website reviews. Below is a before and after for one website tweak to grow your list.


Suggested Tweaks

I like the big text that says “Leadership coaching for …”. I like it because it tells me what this site is. I’d like it better if we tied in some end benefits “Leadership coaching … read on