danielle coach website before

Before and After for Danielle

In my homey EG’s LinkedIn group, Coaches Support Group, I’m doing free website reviews (you should go post yours and get some tips to improve it for client attraction).

Here’s one for Danielle Hall and her site is http://www.danielljehall.com.

The Before

The Tweak

Great smile Danielle. I get nice feeling about you from your pic.

I’d make a big headline or opening statement that speaks about the benefits you bring … read on

coach website before and after

Tweak your website for client attraction on LinkedIn

If you’re on LinkedIn, I offer free website feedback and tweaks to improve it for client attraction.

At the Wealthy and Prosperous Coach’s Forum, there’s a discussion thread where you can post your website. Just go here to post your site (but you may need to join the group first to see the discussion).

Below is a before and after visual for Elizabeth’s website.

And my tweak is …

I … read on

donkey 3

Kick-ass cover tip 3 with video

In the last two posts, I shared two tips with you: (1) make your title super easy to read and (2) find one good image to support the title. Today, we go into the last kick-ass tip – a sweet, simple layout. And you can follow along in the video below to create your own freebie cover design.

A quick note before we begin … on Tuesday this week, you … read on

kick ass coach freebie cover

Kick-ass cover tip 2

In the last post I talked about tip #1, make sure your title is very easy to read. If it isn’t easy to read, it won’t grab attention as well as it could.

Today we have tip #2, find a great image to support your title. When you find a good one, it will enhance your message and give your work that high-end, expert look.

Here are some things to … read on

kick ass coach website freebie cover

How to design a kick-ass cover for your freebie – Tip 1

In this article, I’m going to share the first of three of my best tips for designing a cover image for your freebie. It could be the difference between whether someone downloads it and becomes a client or just disappears from your site, never heard from again.

But first, quickly, the course, Build a Great Coaching Website, will be open for enrollment next week, Tuesday, February the 16th thru Thursday. … read on


How to niche-proof your coaching website

One big challenge coaches like you face is building your website when you aren’t sure about your niche.

It’s tough because either …

(A) you have a niche but are a afraid to invest (and then it doesn’t work out), or …

(B) you don’t have a niche and struggle to write content for your site.

What you don’t want to do is spend thousands of dollars, months of website … read on

coaching website launch

How to know when your coaching website is ready to launch

If you’re building your coaching website, it’s often tough to know when you’ve got enough stuff on it to launch.

You may wonder if it has enough content to get your target market excited about contacting you.

You may be concerned that you don’t have enough of the bells and whistles like social media buttons, blog articles, pages, videos, forms, schedulers and other whoop-tee-doos.  

You may wonder if you’ve answered … read on

website traffic reach 1000s

How to reach thousands of people this weekend with your website

In recent work with one of my super star students, Mary carried out a super simple but highly effective visibility strategy to help her start getting new clients.

Let me share with you how it works …

Before I share it, one odd thing about websites …

You see, the mere act of putting a website up does NOT guarantee any one will see it

It’s not like a new … read on