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An artist doesn’t use all the tools available, but a few choice ones he masters and makes beauty. While I’ve tried and toiled with many tech tools out there, I’m sensitive to choose the ones that are (1) fast to learn, (2) well supported, (3) do the job well. So, here are the important few I would recommend for coaches building their websites whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring someone.

The Divi theme by Elegant Themes. They have quite a few themes. The Divi theme has a nice page builder once you get used to it (doesn’t take long, but a some effort). It’s a pretty slick way of building simple, crisp minimal pages that look great on browsers and mobile devices. I’ve been messing around with it on recent sites and may use it going forward for new clients.

Elegant themes for pretty, simple WordPress coaching website themes – My biggest tip for using these is to avoid customizing them (except for the logo or tagline image) and just do your best with the theme’s existing page layouts.

GoDaddy for domain names and hosting – They provide low-cost domain names, transfers, web hosting, email, and more. Good up-time and good customer support and they continually improve what they offer. Yes, you’ll get web designers, developers and the likes cringing when I say GoDaddy, and they’ll have their endless supply of reasons why NOT, but I’ll tell you that what matters most (again, in my 14+ years of designing, running my business, screwing up, over thinking, wasteful perfectionism) that what you need is fast, good, easy, and get going. GoDaddy more than suffices and I’ll update this page when I feel differently or find a better way (today is Jan 19 2005, if you’re wondering). Just get the low-cost Linux hosting, like $3-4 bucks a month. Yes, I’ve had my site there forever and 50+ client sites as well.

BlueHost – Recently, the website page loading speeds at GoDaddy have been less than desirable at about 4 seconds. My eyes are always on the lookout for faster speed hosts and I’m testing out BlueHost at the moment.

AWeber for your email list service provider – An established email list provider. I like them because they make sure your emails get through. I also feel they are on top of their business and are always looking to make things better for me. Their customer service is responsive and knowledgeable. I’ve also used Constant Contact, but prefer AWeber for ease of use and confidence in getting emails through. I’ve tried a few others except for MailChimp. In my marketing groups, AWeber is most popular, especially for newer coaches. Avoid going over-the-top with something to wild and hairy for your fledgling business. Remember, you want to get clients, so your site is for building credibility, growing relationships, and generating free consultations -> not selling products you don’t even have nor cross-selling or affiliate marketing either.

Big Stock Photo for images – A kick-ass resource. You get stock photos and vector art, and more for very low-cost. Their site is easy to use and rich with material. It’s good for your blog posts, website pages, and newsletters. NOTE: Be sure to get the “credits” and do not buy a subscription at this point. Buy a block of credits and spend a few bucks an image. Get the lowest resolution images – it’s all you need for now.

Merchant Account at Direct Pay (was Practice Pay Solutions) – A merchant account lets you take credit cards whether by phone or through your shopping cart. Get this first. It’s straight forward to set up, many coaches and professionals use it including my clients, responsive customer service, competitive rates, and an easy to use terminal for processing credit cards.

Google Fonts – Free for any use and great. Go Google. This is all you’ll need for fonts. I recommend just picking out one good font to suit the feel of your website and use it everywhere.

Upwork (formerly called Odesk) – A great venue to find an experienced virtual assistant with great English to help you out with daily tasks. I’ve tried a few others both as a web design freelancer and as an employers. It’s been a while since I’ve tested the other freelancer sites out there. But I’m confident that it matters less which you choose and matters more how you handle them. There are a few blogs around this site about hiring on Odesk – have a search.

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