Coaching Website Resources

An artist doesn’t use all the tools available, but a few that he masters.

As a total tech junkie, I’ve tested, tinkered and toiled with a lot of the stuff out there. And the top resources for coaching websites I’ve found are the ones that (1) are fast to learn, (2) are well supported, and (3) do a superb job in serving your immediate goals (which are very important for you clarify btw – I’m going to assume you want minimal tech fuss, painless marketing, a great site to support your efforts to secure new clients).

Below are my favorites to date (2016) …

coaching website resources

The Divi Theme for WordPress

The Divi theme by Elegant Themes. The Divi theme has recently enhanced page builder that’s easy to learn. It’s slick. The theme is modern, simple, crisp and looks great on top browsers and mobile devices. Other themes I’ve tried are either poorly supported or a bit over-the-top to learn.

BlueHost for WordPress Hosting

BlueHost for great WordPress hosting (and domain name registration) – I’ve used GoDaddy for a long time for simple, low-cost hosting and keeping your domain registration and hosting in the same place – making life easy. But now I’m using and testing BlueHost due to the high recommendation from gurus and WordPress developers I trust as well as their intimate partnership with WordPress. People love the human support 24-7 – great for those 3am website ideas that you just gotta implement 😉

AWeber for handling your email list

AWeber for your email list service provider – An established email list provider. I like them because they make sure your emails get through. Their customer is rock solid. Their website continually improves which is a positive sign that they watch and listen to their customers. I’ve used many others including Mail Chimp, Get Response, and Constant Contact – which all get thumbs down by me.

BigStockPhoto for website images

Big Stock Photo for images – A kick-ass resource. You get stock photos and vector art, and more for very low-cost. Their site is easy to use and rich with material. It’s good for your blog posts, website pages, and newsletters. NOTE: Be sure to get the “credits” and do not buy a subscription at this point. Buy a block of credits and spend a few bucks an image. Get the lowest resolution images – it’s all you need for now.

Google Fonts for fonts

Google Fonts – Free for any use and there’s a large collection. Go Google! This is all you’ll need for fonts. I recommend just picking out one good font to suit the feel of your website and use it everywhere.

Getting freelance help

If you bought The Coaching Site Guide or are working with me directly OR you have a great, clear vision of the website you want including content, strategy, visuals and technology, then and only then should you hire freelance help to do the grunt work.

Else, be warned, mass confusion will ensue and I don’t want to have to say, “I told you so.” ;D

I’ve both been a freelancer and hire freelancer on various websites and I’ve found Upwork (formerly called Odesk) to be a great one (they are easy to use and are proactive in improving things). Bear in mind, wherever you seek for office support help, know that it matters less where you get the help and more how you seek, test, and assign work to them – a skill in and of its own 😉 hehe.

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