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How to blog to attract clients

Mitzi is a life coach working with moms in NYC and we’ve been working on her blogs to make them exciting, fun and attractive. 

If you’ve watched activity online, you’ll see that a great way to get your coaching name out there is to publish good content.

Your articles will attract your ideal clients, who will probably read even more of your blog.

Great blogs build your image as a … read on


How to Sell More Ebooks with Pre-sell Blogs

Whether you’ve got an ebook for sale or are planning on writing one, consider using the content in that book for writing loads of easy blog articles. Not just any articles, but ones that will entice readers to buy your ebook – turning your writing into cash!

In this article, I will give you four simple steps to extract out great blog articles that will both keep you full of … read on

Five Keys to Writing Your Coaching Blog in Under an Hour

Five Keys to Writing Your Coaching Blog in Under an Hour

One major challenge new coaches have when getting their blogs going is simply getting them done. It can take hours upon hours of writing, editing, second-guessing, re-writing, adding, and then worrying if it’s any good.

That’s a lot of time spent on one article and you still haven’t posted it to your site yet! And if it takes a long time, you’ll resist doing them consistently and thus you’ll jeopardize … read on

Six Simple Sections to Make Writing to Your Blogs Easy

Six Simple Sections to Make Writing Your Blogs Easy

For new coaches, especially non-writer types, putting together a blog article can be tough. So tough it stops you from doing the marketing!

And blog articles are awesome for building credibility and drumming up traffic – both from search engines and from sharing them on other sites.

In this article, I will share with you my secret layout (six sections) for composing blog articles that work – articles that are … read on

A Simple Traffic-Building Strategy if You’re Blogging and Using LinkedIn

So you’ve decided to blog, or you’re already blogging but suck at being consistent about it. There’s a good chance that your resistance is due to the fact you have no idea who is getting your articles.

Let’s fix that!

In this article, I’ll share with you a simple strategy for getting your blogs out there and thus motivating you to be more active. You’ll clearly have a way to … read on

How to Write 10 Great Blogs Fast - The Mistakes Method

How to Write 10 Great Blogs Fast – The Mistakes Method

Blogging can be a struggle especially if you’re a new blogger getting off the ground. The whole technical process can be clunky, creative ideas can come infrequent, and making sure your article is focused on readers can be a stretch for newbies.

This friction can hurt your marketing efforts and hinder your ability to get new clients. Remember, good blog articles show you’re a pro and they get people to … read on

10 Blog Steps to Get Clients from Search Engines

Here’s an example of how to write a blog entry to lead potential clients to you from search engines.

Think about a challenge your client faces from their perspective. ex: A parent’s child suddenly gets poor grades in school Think about keywords this parent might use to search for help. ex. my daughter is suddenly getting bad grades, my son’s grades started getting worse Choose a title that solves the… read on