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How to niche-proof your coaching website

One big challenge coaches like you face is building your website when you aren’t sure about your niche.

It’s tough because either …

(A) you have a niche but are a afraid to invest (and then it doesn’t work out), or …

(B) you don’t have a niche and struggle to write content for your site.

What you don’t want to do is spend thousands of dollars, months of website … read on

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Nine Traits of a Great Coaching Niche

In a recent discussion over at the Coaches Support Group, I posed the question, “Traits of a Great Coaching Niche – What would you say it has?

You’ll need to join the group to see the discussion unfold, but let me extract the top points made by contributors in my own words, here:

You can relate and understand the niche. The niche is exciting and fun for you. You’re passionate… read on

Chewy Thoughts on Niches and Why This is a Bad Article Title

First, chewable thoughts on niches.

Coaches love to “coach” and so they should. However from a marketing point of view, promoting “I’m a coach” isn’t very effective for many. It’s too amorphous as is “consulting.”

A step closer to better marketing is to pick a niche because you’re moving closer to the buyer and their needs. I’m a “relationship coach for busy corporate chics” or a “a business consultant for … read on

How to Sign Up More Clients with Your Initial Session: A LinkedIn Recap

I recently started a conversation about the subject of charging for an initial consultation at the LinkedIn Group, “Coaches Support Group”.

The discussion was titled, “Do you / should you / how do you charge for your initial consultation?”

There’s lots of great info and comments. It’s here: http://tinyurl.com/3lavaog (You will have to join the group first to see the comments)

I wanted to research deeper as to how I … read on

What to Do on Your Website, if You Have Two or More Niches

If you’re attempting to appeal to two different markets with different challenges on the same website, you’re likely in for a lot of struggle.

The basic challenge is that when you appear to be “the solution” to more than one group, your prospective clients will instinctively think that you cannot be so good at any one of them. Whether you are or not matters little. It looks like you’re not.… read on

2 Website Notes on this 6-Figure Coaching Business Checklist

I recently spoke with Renée Hasseldine (founder of CoachNetwork) about coaching websites for earning a six-figure income.

We discussed many of the key components: building a list, giveaways, service offerings, and such. But what I want to comment on is a very handy freebee at her site, “The 13 Essentials Checklist for a 6-Figure Coaching Business.”… read on