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Here’s how I use Google Docs (love it) for simple photo edits

I’m a big proponent of creating great freebies (many articles) for your coaching website. These instant giveaways are super tools for client-attraction in so many aways.

Below is an example of how I use Google Docs (reasons I love it for coaching websites) to make some simple but impactful edits to Veronica’s freebie, in minutes. No smarts needed either.

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Jan’s Beautiful Freebie Cover Design

As you know, I love creating freebies – those giveaways or downloads that visitors to your website instantly get when the join your list.

They are a must for coach marketing.

When done right, these free treats help you build traffic, grow your opt-ins and position you as an expert – the trusted partner people love to follow, recommend and hire.

One key to a great freebie is giving it … read on

3 parts of coaching freebie

Three Parts of a Freebie that Attracts Clients

Clients want certain changes in life/career/relationships/health/etc. You, the coach, want new paying clients to sustain your business.

Clients want to see that you’re a good coach they can work with, that you are smart, that you have a good way of helping clients, that you can get results, that you are a pro, that you are trustworthy.

You want good clients. The ones who are coachable and fun to work … read on

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How to Get Traffic, Expert Status, and New Clients – The Glorious Freebie

The freebie. I want to sell you on why this is such a magnificent piece of your website. There are three tremendously valuable reasons.

Here are the three reasons:

Get more traffic – Instead of just publishing an article with a link to your site, you publish and article with a link to your site AND a big, “Get your copy of Gotta-Have-This-Freebie-to-Save Your-Life instantly at my site.” It motivates… read on
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How to Create a Free Download that Clients Gotta Have – Trick 1 – Kill the Limiting Belief

So, if you haven’t figured out why the freebie on your site is a must-do step OR if you’ve been struggling to create one that you know clients will really, really, really want, then great – you’re in luck today! Here’s one of my favorite tricks to creating that downloadable pdf visitors will want immediately.

It’s about removing the limiting belief they have.

First, a quick visual on why your … read on

Four Heading Tips to Engage Readers in Your Freebie

Four Heading Tips to Engage Readers in Your Freebie

Your freebie (free offer) is a key asset in your marketing as a coach. It’s the draw to get people to check you out – to give them a taste of your coaching greatness.

If you have a simple written document and are organizing the material so it’s easy to follow and engaging, readers will consume it whole.  This is a great way to build your guru coach image.

Here … read on

Two Keys to Driving People to Your Coaching Site

Two Keys to Driving People to Your Coaching Site

New coaches and new website owners, after being online for a few months, come to discover that websites need traffic. The “build it and they will come” idea doesn’t quite work when it comes to websites.

They originally hoped that by putting up a good site, people will, somehow, find it and contact the coach for help. They may have heard stories of overnight success or fell victim to a … read on