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wordpress coaching website setup

Quick WordPress Website Setup on BlueHost

I’ve just posted 2 of 3 videos to help you get WordPress setup on BlueHost. The third (of 3) will come in a few days and we’ll get you online quick with the basics. Ready?

There will be three videos in total, and they are:

1. Core Message – A must-do before you buy your domain name or start writing content. It’s a foundational element for a website that attracts.… read on

coaching website speeds

How Hosting Can Silently Screw Up Your Coaching Biz

In short, if your website doesn’t run fast, people will leave. Your opt-in list will not grow as fast and people won’t see your offerings or contact you for coaching. Slow website = people go bye-bye. Slow websites are a silent client-killer because most website owners don’t pay attention to it enough.

Above is a new coaching website on BlueHost, a popular hosting provider I’m testing out. The average speed … read on

Tips on Choosing a Domain Name Registrar and Hosting Provider, and My Suggestion

Some quick definitions …

A Domain Registrar is a company that enables you to register (pay for and own) a domain name such as www.SuperDuperCoach.com.

A Hosting Provider (or company) gives you space on the internet where you can put your website pages (images, text, etc). They backup your content as well as maintain the computers and all the technical stuff related to keeping your website live.

You need both … read on

3 Steps to Design for Client Attraction

It’s not the mere fact of having a website which is important. It’s having a strategy or purpose for it.

Only with a purpose in mind, can you effectively organize the pages, add features, and write your copy.

And, for many new coaches, their main goal is to build up a practice full o’ clients.

To do that, you must apply client-attraction design.

Here are the three steps:

1 –… read on