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Aha! Another keyword for my coaching website.

Another Keyword Source for to Get More Traffic and Better Leads

In another post, I wrote about seven keyword sources to get traffic to your coaching website. To that list, you should add this 8th keyword source – short phrases to describe your ideal client.

(I looked at 50+ images to suit this article. How could I pass this one up?)

For example if you’re a relationship coach, then the phrase “relationship coach” is good to use on your website. To … read on

seo for coaching website

Getting Traffic to Your Coaching Website – Seven Keyword Sources

In order to get one-on-one clients or program enrollees or product sales on your coaching website, you need traffic. While there are many ways to do that, getting traffic from search engines is so loved by many because those searchers are ACTIVELY hunting for help. They are “highly qualified buyers”.

When optimizing your coaching website to get traffic, you need to focus your website’s content on specific keywords. Here are … read on


A Simple Home Page Title Tag Formula for Getting Traffic

The title tag is a VITAL element for getting traffic from search engines. When properly done it can do two things nicely: (1) improve your rankings so that you show up higher on searchers, and (2) attract more clicks from being visually attractive.

Each page on your site has a title tag associated with it. This tag is hidden in the code. The content in this tag is what search … read on