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coaching websites - swift wordpress trick

Swift Marketing Using the WordPress Shortlink (Video)

I’ve just arrived in New Zealand for the second many-month visit and sun worshipping. It’s about this time that summer rolls in where as winter creeps up in New York. This week’s blog is a great tip for using your website to market your business if you’re doing any sort of online marketing.

When spreading the word about your coaching website, especially if you’re blogging, take advantage of the shortlink … read on

The Relevant Blog Trick for Traffic, Credibility, Clients on LinkedIn

The Relevant Blog Trick for Traffic, Credibility, Clients on LinkedIn

One LinkedIn trick, a marketing strategy mega-move for coaches seeking clients online, is to share relevant blogs while in discussion. I’ll show you how via example and see if you can figure out the jist of it.

Below is a screenshot of a discussion I followed in a LinkedIn Group, the Coach’s Support Group, regarding coaching videos.

After the discussion has gone on for bit, I took the contents of … read on

How to Get Traffic from Your LinkedIn Headline

How to Get Traffic from Your LinkedIn Headline

About a month or two ago, I noticed that LinkedIn headlines started appearing in discussions. My marketing radar started beeping uncontrollably. I said to myself, here’s a fantastic opportunity to get the message out to your market and get them back to your website. How can we optimize this!

Well done LinkedIn for adding this. For over a year now, I’ve been itching for a way to get a quick … read on

29 Things Clients Love to Read About on Your Site

29 Things Clients Love to Read About on Your Site

People will hire coaches who can help them with their challenges. The more one believes the coach can help, the more likely they are to hire that coach. Again, people want to overcome challenges.

I recently started a discussion over at The Coaches Support Group on LinkedIn. This is a great group run by EG Sebastian, a mentor coach (thanks for your effort). There are good coaches here supporting each … read on

26 Coaching Website Must-Haves from LinkedIn Chat

26 Coaching Website Must-Haves from LinkedIn Chat

My friend, “EG” Sebastian, runs the Coaches Support Group, a LinkedIn group . In a recent discussion, a member named Shenotes (yes, a weird name) asked, “When launching your coaching website, what were some of your MUST haves?”

46 comments later and an hour of compiling, here’s my summary. The number for each indicates how many times it was mentioned in the post.

A vision for the content, structure (6)… read on

A Simple Traffic-Building Strategy if You’re Blogging and Using LinkedIn

So you’ve decided to blog, or you’re already blogging but suck at being consistent about it. There’s a good chance that your resistance is due to the fact you have no idea who is getting your articles.

Let’s fix that!

In this article, I’ll share with you a simple strategy for getting your blogs out there and thus motivating you to be more active. You’ll clearly have a way to … read on


How to Increase Website Traffic with Your LinkedIn Sig

If you’re networking on LinkedIn often, then this signature move outlined below can bring more qualified traffic to your site – leading to new subscribers, clients, and product sales.

If you’ve noticed, LinkedIn has no signature feature – that is, they do not automatically put your signature when you make comments.

As a result, in order for people to discover your coaching website, they need to click into your profile … read on