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6 Big Questions Every Coach’s Website Must Answer

If you want to convince prospects to hire you as their coach, you’ll need to answer some very basic – but very critical – questions.

Most coaching websites don’t do this at all. Instead, these websites merely have contact information, a summary of credentials, maybe a picture of the coach and perhaps a simple list of services. Far from what you need to make a convincing case for your services.… read on

santa knows how to blog

Increase Newsletter Open Rates with Santa’s MV Technique

Do you put cookies under the tree for Santa? Well, you’d better – because he’s delivering a special gift just for you this Christmas!

What is this special gift, you ask? It’s a technique that’s served him well for ages: the MV Technique, or the Mystery Value Technique.

MV, huh?

Before I explain, let me back up a second and tell you why you are going to absolutely love this … read on

Improve Search Rankings With SERTainty

There are many misunderstandings about how to get high rankings on search engines. I’ve heard some very strange ones such as “put a counter on your home page.”

These myths — downright bad advice — can cause you to focus on useless, time-wasting efforts leading to confusion, frustration and, of course, poor results.

When making decisions about what to do to improve your rankings, let me give you a rule … read on

Should I Post Coaching Fees on My Website?

Someone you just met offers to sell you an empty box for a hundred and fifty bucks.

You look at him as if he’s crazy.

That’s what it’s like when a random visitor comes to your coaching website, sees your fee is $150 per hour, and then is asked to contact you about becoming a client.

The problem is that your fees are presented “out of proper context.”

By “out … read on