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Aha! Another keyword for my coaching website.

Another Keyword Source for to Get More Traffic and Better Leads

In another post, I wrote about seven keyword sources to get traffic to your coaching website. To that list, you should add this 8th keyword source – short phrases to describe your ideal client.

(I looked at 50+ images to suit this article. How could I pass this one up?)

For example if you’re a relationship coach, then the phrase “relationship coach” is good to use on your website. To … read on

coach sep rule of thumb

Four Tips for Getting High Rankings as a Coach – My Rule of Thumb on SEO

My rule on SEO is based on motives. Search engines (for example, Google) survive on users – the more users actively using the search engine, the better. In order to keep users happy, search engines need to provide users with web pages that make the users happy – which are …

Ones that have useful content. Ones that are easy to access. Ones that open up fast. Ones that look… read on

How to Tell if Your Site is Gaining Position in Google

You may be trying to get traffic from Google but aren’t sure if your efforts are working. Let me outline a very simple way to check your rankings and see if you’re improving.

1. Clarify your keywords

Google ranks website based on keyword phrases. So, in order to begin seeing where you’re ranked, you need to know your keywords.

Do you want your site to rank well for “life coach”, … read on

Why Your Website Can NOT Be a Client Machine and How It CAN

Why Your Website Can NOT Be a Client Machine and How It CAN

As you get lost in the marketing-madness and information-overload of the Internet, you’ll come across the idea of “getting clients from the web”.

You’ll hear phrases like “client machine” or “cash machine” and wonder if this is really possible.

The answer is yes and no. It’s both possible and impossible. The truth is hidden in the specifics of what they are talking about.

In this article, I will show you … read on

map to high rankings

The Higher-Rankings Golden Rule

High rankings in search engines are better than gold.

It’s because the traffic you get are people who want what you have. They are actively seeking help. They are qualified – often highly qualified.

However, getting those rankings can be tough. There are loads of strategies, ideas, theories and the lot. Many work. Many don’t. Figuring out which works is the trick.

So, how do you figure out what works … read on

Link Example of Permalinks

How to Increase Website Traffic with WordPress Permalinks

“Permalinks” are permanent links.

They are fixed links to website content.

Permalinks were created to make it easy to link to archived content on dynamic websites such as blogs. (If permalinks weren’t created, it would be difficult to link directly to old blog posts as they would be buried within the site)

More importantly, here’s how to use permalinks in WordPress to get you more traffic.

As you know, search … read on


Lightning-Fast Credibility Building with WordPress

One of the simply astonishing feats of using WordPress as the platform (the technical behind-the-scenes guts) for your coaching website lies in the speed at which you can reach your market to build your expert-coach status.

It’s stunning.

Here’s an example of what can be done.

1. Quickly write an article for fresh content – requires one to two hours.

With your username and password, you simply log into WordPress … read on

Four Keyword Tips to Get Potential Clients from Search Engines

Getting traffic from search engines is magnificent. What coach wouldn’t want people coming to their website who are eager for what the coach has to offer? But most coaches don’t get much traffic and part of the reason due to poor keyword choice.

Here are four things to consider when seeking good keywords.… read on