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Dude, Three Dos for Smooth Site Surfing

When people surf, they’re on a smooth fun wave, and they like it like that. They like to ride that wave, feel the glide, fly through the wind and see the earth move under their feet. It’s exhilarating!

That’s how people want to surf when they are on your website.

So, don’t scatter your website with coral reefs, riptides, or men in grey suits (sharks)! Instead, make nice smooth fun … read on

Text Link Usability to Keep People Longer

Noisy, ugly, confusing pages scare people away. Easy to read and use pages keep people longer.

Ever seen a page with more links than sand in the Sahara? And to make it worse, have you seen such a page with multi-colored super-bright links that make the page look like Lite-Brite?

Unusable and scary!… read on