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Quick WordPress Website Setup on BlueHost

I’ve just posted 2 of 3 videos to help you get WordPress setup on BlueHost. The third (of 3) will come in a few days and we’ll get you online quick with the basics. Ready?

There will be three videos in total, and they are:

1. Core Message – A must-do before you buy your domain name or start writing content. It’s a foundational element for a website that attracts.… read on


Quick tips on updating your wordpress website

Some quick tips on updating / maintaining your WordPress website.

You should batch things in your business like email all at once two times per day or bills once per month. Batching saves lots of time.

One task to include in your weekly batch is to update your WordPress website software. You do that by simply logging in, clicking the updates link and then just confirm and apply the updates … read on

coaching website course video

How to Add a Sweet Landing Page to Your WordPress Website

In this video, I walk you through creating a sweet page on your website – and show you how easy it is.

And we’re not creating just any page, but a landing page for promoting an ebook (or could be for a course, program, etc). A serious marketing page.

And we’ll do it within minutes.

This is the power you have when you build a coaching website on WordPress and … read on

coaching websites - swift wordpress trick

Swift Marketing Using the WordPress Shortlink (Video)

I’ve just arrived in New Zealand for the second many-month visit and sun worshipping. It’s about this time that summer rolls in where as winter creeps up in New York. This week’s blog is a great tip for using your website to market your business if you’re doing any sort of online marketing.

When spreading the word about your coaching website, especially if you’re blogging, take advantage of the shortlink … read on

testimonial input screen

A Great Plugin for Success Stories – WP Testimonials

I love WP-Testimonials as my website plugin for handling testimonials. It’s great because:

1. It’s very easy to use for managing testimonials – just pop in the information.

2. It has a handy widget for the sidebar. It’s fast to get going on your site.

3. It’s easy for any VA to use for updating testimonials – saving you time.

Here’s what the testimonial looks like on my website:

It’s … read on

Elegant Themes

Elegant Coach Website Themes on WordPress

(** Updated on Oct 14, 2016 **)

Here’s a quick and elegant way to build your coaching website yourself, on WordPress, with a nice theme. I’ll give you my likes and dislikes and a few quick tips for making the most of this theme provider, Elegant Themes.

Many coaches are attracted to Elegant Themes because they do look good and many coaches want to have a website that reflects them, … read on

A Plugin to Encourage Conversation on Your Blog

A Plugin to Encourage Conversation on Your Blog

One good thing about having a blog as part of your coaching web presence is that it allows visitors (followers, strategic partners, other gurus in your industry) a way to engage in conversation with you immediately.

Being readily accessible on your site through a blog puts you in the category of “expert” as you write, respond, and interact with visitors.

Unfortunately, one little setting that helps visitors create in-depth conversations … read on

headway themes

Top WordPress Themes for Coaching Websites

(** Updated on Oct 20, 2016 **)

It’s REALLY tough if you’re a new coach and you’re thrown in the wonderful world of WordPress and you want to find a great theme for your website. There are so many options which boast so many features – it can take hours to days to find your way.

When it comes to themes for your website (themes are ready-made designs for WordPress) … read on