Dianne Parker"I simply did not have a clue where to begin with my website.

Kenn had an uncanny way of interpreting what I wanted and then telling me in terms I could understand, what I needed to make my website effective.

Kenn has a way of making this very daunting process much more interesting and enjoyable.

Kenn’s generous, responsive and highly focused capacities kept my web project on budget and on time.

What more can I ask for than getting my web site up - which I am totally confident in sending people to as fast as possible."

Dianne Parker
Business Growth Strategist
Executive on-the-run

Joanne Day, ND"It’s a site that’s tailored to my market instead of one that’s focused on me. While approaching marketing from this angle is a little bit of a stretch for me, I know it’s what I need to do, and you were very instrumental in moving me in the right direction.”

Joanne Day, ND
Naturopathic Doctor

Malcolm Gibbons"My ability to reach out to and attract clients has improved 1,000 percent. I not only have a professional website, but I also have an easy, clear and compelling way to talk about what I do. My site has become the framework on how I go about my business.

My website has been up a week and I’ve got a prospect calling me from Seattle. Things are starting to grow."

Malcolm Gibbons
Business Coach
Shock Consult

Shaunna Menard, MD"He really customizes your site to reflect your style, needs and purpose. I couldn't recommend him enough!"

Shaunna Menard, MD
Canadian Health Coach

Kim Boes, CPC"I loved the supporting documents and writing guides. It made the process easy for me – just answer the questions and keep moving. They gave me structure, helped me become focused, and made sure I didn’t miss anything.

My marketing and advertising friends like it - both from a visual perspective and a content perspective. I have a place that clearly explains what I do and it’s a great place to get prospects to start building a relationship with me. I have a professional presence."

Kim Boes, CPC
Career & Life Coach
New Vue Coaching

Deanna Maio“You understand coaches. Not only the coaching skill sets, but in the internet marketing based model. I knew from your portfolio, my site would have a great look, feel, and attraction strategy.”

Deanna Maio
Business Coach
Savvy Gals

Jodi Hume"I think it is BEAUTIFUL, EYE-CATCHING, LOGICAL, THOUGHT-PROVOKING AND COMPELLING.” I’m going to write you a testimonial that’ll make you blush."

Jodi Hume
Executive Life Consultant
In The Business of Life

Dan Meir“You've helped me focus on my clients, their needs, what they are looking for. By doing so, my website gets the word out in a powerful way.”

Dan Meir
Life Transition Coach
Infinite Highway

Debbie Schroeder"Your coaching website expertise was critical for creating a website that communicates what we do in an attractive, logical, and action-oriented way. It was perfect for our non-pushy, educe-the-client way of selling our services."

Debbie Schroeder
Health Coach for Women
The Health Coach Team

Katherine Torrini"Before I started, I was overwhelmed. Didn’t know where to start, and had no idea how to write about myself. I also didn’t know what I wanted a website to “do” for me. I was working on my website for a year getting nowhere.

Kenn kept me accountable, kept me moving along through logical steps and gave me homework! I like his coach approach to website development – very easy to work with.

I’m super busy, but in 3 months, at my pace, I was able to choke up that damn hairball!!! I’ve got my website done! I love how it is organized and how it looks. I’m very excited about being able to go post to other websites and listerves so that potential clients can find me."

Katherine Torrini
Creative Life Coach
Creative Life Spark

Melissa Roske“Out of the 20+ clients I've had thus far, 17 of them came directly from my website. It's my site that is so compelling and draws people in.”

Melissa Roske
Life Coach for Women
Wheels In Motion Coaching

Cora Whittington, BASc“I found the step by step structure of your program invaluable. I've taken training on marketing and websites, but could not put together the pieces myself. Your program integrated it all very well: pleasing design, freebee, structure, calls to action, etc.

The copy help was also very good. It got me thinking in a different way – the right way – from the client's perspective. It also forced me to focus on the essence of what I offer. I believe that it will be even easier for perfect clients to find me.

I've gotten lots of positive feedback when I shared my website with my internet marketing guru and others. I also have learned how to maintain and expand the site myself so that it can stay current and grow. I plan to add new products and services and appreciate that I can do this simply and quickly.”

Cora Whittington, BASc
Leadership and Life Coach
Golden Pathways

Lynda Levy“Kenn, I’m very impressed with the completeness of your program. You’ve broken down the steps of creating a website into an orderly, logical process – one that even technophobes like me can follow. Working with you was a pleasure because expectations on both sides were very clear all along the way.

Your grasp of creating exciting marketing copy that clearly explains what coaches do is exceptional. Your to-the-point suggestions and how-to guides with specific examples allowed me to see what each section of the site needed to accomplish and gave me a roadmap to follow.

My new website presents me as a professional, yet also reflects my unique personality. I feel confident sending potential clients to the site, knowing that they’ll quickly and easily get the information they need. I definitely have the website I was hoping for.”

Lynda Levy
Life Coach for Women
LifeWorks Coaching

Dawn Allen Doss “Working with my previous design company was a nightmare. Links didn’t work, errors were added to my copy, and the language barrier wasted a lot of time in having to rethink and rewrite emails - plus slow responses. It was a frustrating, disheartening, and painful long year. And after my website was done, I didn’t even want to share it with anyone.

Kenn knew my situation, was responsive and fun to work with. He was right on with marketing – the copy, the organization, and the design.

I felt extremely confident in working with Kenn. My website looks beautiful, works with my marketing, and I'm eager to share it with everyone. I’m very grateful.“

Dawn Allen Doss
Spiritual Life coach
Inspired Heart Coaching

Patti Olson “I feel very confident in knowing I have a website that looks attractive, and that meets the client’s needs. Only a few days up and I've got 2 free sessions off the Web. Awesome!“

Patti Olson
Health Coach
Balanced Health Solutions

Marian Buck-Murray, MA HHC"I can confidently put the word out knowing that people will be excited to visit my website and knowing that people will get into my marketing systems."

Marian Buck-Murray, MA HHC
Health & Wellness Coach
Good Food Solutions

Carla CasamonaWhen I had a chance to bond with my site I had a big WOW! And could see how things were connected and how it was going to help me market. It’s like a well-oiled machine. The website really brought my business together for me.

Carla Casamona
Registered Dietitian
Carla's Healing Food

Lynne Marie Jenrow, MA "Prior to our contact I was nervous as I didn't feel I was far enough along in my business to benefit from your services and yet I can say that this was false.

From my discussion with you, I gained inspiration which I believe came from the questions you asked and the way you responded. I felt that anything was possible and nothing was shot down.

You also openly shared suggestions for "homework" of the creative kind that would support crafting my voice for speaking about what I do.

I felt listened to and celebrated that through our conversations you created a system that I could work with."

Lynne Marie Jenrow, MA
Wellness Coach
pURe Wellness

Jeff RockThe one thing I found to be most invaluable was that it felt more like a partnership. You’re more than a designer or developer. You took accountability of the project as a whole and didn’t just take orders.

You probed, asked good questions, and gave gentle advice to make things better.

You have a great capacity for generating new and fresh ideas and you never stop thinking of ways to make things better. It's like your brain is always in high gear. I'm surprised you ever get any sleep.

You really got me to think about the content from the customer’s perspective. That was
challenging but now I can see how it makes the website much more engaging.

Jeff Rock
Swift River Coaching

Coach AthenaGetting my site together felt like I had to climb a big Mountain. I was overwhelmed on how to get it done. Should I do Weebly? VistaPrint? I saw sites like those which looked ok, but they didn’t read well.

I could have done the tech stuff by myself, but with a lot of time and tinkering. Reflecting back I’m glad I didn’t waste my time. However, where I needed the most help was in organizing and communicating my message.

Your guides, particularly the BizQs and CopyQs, were extremely helpful! They helped me to break down the content I wrote into manageable chunks. I especially liked the idea of a “program” for presenting my services - a great way to create structure and value for my clients.

You know what coaches need. From the instant a visitor lands on the site, you knew that I needed to communicate to my market in a way that would reach them quickly.

I’m also glad you reeled me in from spending money and time on extraneous things like getting a shopping cart when I had no products or worrying about Tungle.me.

I’ve got a definite solid web presence now that people can looked at. It’s very important for legitimacy - when others says they don’t have a site up, I question if they are legitimate or really committed to their business.

If I don’t have time to speak to people, I can easily send them to my site knowing they see how I can help them; they’ll see testimonials of others I’ve helped. And, if they are not sure, they can stay in touch with my blog, social networks, or follow me Twitter.

Coach Athena
Transformational Life Coach

Dr. Gerrit PelzerBefore working with Kenn, I had a static website with limitations to making modifications.

Now, my website is easy to adjust, has a clean design and easy to sign-up newsletter where I can connect with potential clients.

Kenn is structured. He really knows how to narrow down the niche. He helped me by offering solutions to the concrete problems of my clients.

Dr. Gerrit Pelzer
Executive Coach
Vivo Coaching

Susan Hughes"My site looks really great! Really professional, strong and to the point.

"I loved the questionnaires Kenn provided - they made me focus and really think about the message I was trying to get across. I learned much from working through the questionnaires as I really focused on how I wanted my business to look.

"The parents I shared it with so far have nothing but great things to say."

Susan Hughes
Parenting Coach
Tween Connections

Anne BakerBefore I started working with you, the flow and content of my site was problematic. The site wasn't showing on various browsers and getting my ideas and content into the site was messy.

The weekend-warrior like quick turnaround, the back-end How-Tos, and
the support after going live were very helpful in getting me going.

My new site clearly speaks to my target audience. It's much better defined and
integrates nicely with my blog, FB, LI and Twitter.

It's clean and easy to navigate and very easy for me to use. My new Are We a Fit page is starting to bring in more potential prospects.

Anne Baker
Nourish Holistic Nutrition

Barbara Sumner"I’m glad you made me write all the content and you were able to lay it out in a great way - for my market! With my previous designer, it was too difficult to put together the content. I was lacking an overall objective for the website.

The people I’ve shared it with love it. They loved it visually. They felt it was easy to navigate. The felt it was professionally done.

Now I’ve got a site that can reach those who can use my help. It’s no longer about me. It’s now about other people and their challenges. It’s well reflective of my business."

Barbara Sumner
Life Coach, Hypnotherapist
Spiritual Development
Emergent Sage

Peggy Rhodes"The process you walked me thru made things very easy. I loved the guides you gave me on creating taglines, getting raving testimonials, writing expert blogs, and finding powerful words – they were invaluable. You held my hand through the process – which is exactly what I wanted. I love the site. It has a crisp, clean feel and really comes across well. Thanks."

Peggy Rhodes
Healthy Lifestyle Coach
Simply Second Nature, LLC

Graeme Owen"What did I find most helpful? The feeling that you had the ultimate goal in view in mind.

"It was not just a focus on looking nice but having a very clear purpose. The exercises / workbooks compelled me to go back to basics and think deeply about the specific needs of the market and the specific things I do to meet those needs.

"When I shared the drafts with my market, the reactions were without question, 'Wow, that looks good! This is really good. This is very focused and clear.'

"I enjoyed working on the content. I was encouraged to write, and appreciated the critical interjections that sharpened focus.

"I appreciated the conversations we had. At times, I wandered around and you kept us focused on what we needed to do.

"I like the simplicity of my new website. It's attention grabbing but not busy. Professional and well laid out. I’m very proud of it.

"Thanks Kenn!"

Graeme Owen
The Successful Builder
Builders Business Coach

Ron Capocelli, CPCC“I am confident that my new site will provide a marketing platform that I can confidently use to forward my goals. I now have a site that I am proud of."

Ron Capocelli, CPCC
Relationship Coach
Inspired Commitment

Penelope M. Klatell, R.N., Ph.D., ACC"Developing a website is a complex process, far more complex than I had anticipated. Kenn’s program broke the process down into components and then strung those parts together as a meaningful whole."

Penelope M. Klatell, R.N., Ph.D., ACC
Life, Health and Business Coach
Life Odyssey

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