Tips on Choosing a Domain Name Registrar and Hosting Provider, and My Suggestion

Some quick definitions …

A Domain Registrar is a company that enables you to register (pay for and own) a domain name such as

A Hosting Provider (or company) gives you space on the internet where you can put your website pages (images, text, etc). They backup your content as well as maintain the computers and all the technical stuff related to keeping your website live.

You need both to have a website.

My keys for choosing a domain name registrar:

  • Inexpensive. This is not something you should pay a lot for. I pay about $9 a year for each name.
  • Trusted name. You don’t want your company to disappear. You want a company that will work hard to serve you.
  • Service. You want a company that is always trying to improve and give you more.

The keys for hosting

  • Good uptime – This means that your website doesn’t crash orgo down often during maintenance or upgrades. I’ve had bad hosts in the past – where my sites went down due to unannounced maintenance and I spent hours trying to resolve them.
  • Good support – They are easy to reach by phone. They spend time needed to make sure you get the help you need as well as have the right amount of technical prowess.
  • Lots of features – As a developer, I need to get my hands dirty. I like options and features to make sites sing. This
    makes your designer’s job easier.
  • Trusted name – Again, a name that I can trust. A company that is big and works hard to improve.

My Suggestion for hosting: BlueHost

I use for setting up new websites and I get the domain and hosting at the same time. They are a trusted partner with WordPress, are low cost, and run WordPress website just swell.

However, if you already have a domain name at GoDaddy, I’d just get hosting there for now for speed and simplicity. If you get hosting elsewhere, you’ll have more tech headaches getting the domain name and email to work right. It’s not worth the hassle right now.

If you are considering your coaching domain name, you may want to read my article, 10 Keys to a Catchy Coaching Domain Name.

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