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Hey, I’m Kenn Schroder, web designer for coaches.

Better call Kenn

Be it as your designer, you web coach, or both, it’s my job is to help you create a professional coaching website you’ll be proud of and eager to share with the world.

This website is full of articles on website design, content creation, traffic building, and generating leads.

You’ll get practical tips and strategic advice for turning your website into a client-generating machine.

  • 80% of this website is articles for creating a coaching website that sells
  • 15% of this website is tips and tricks I send to subscribers by email
  • 5% of this website is about my offers: the guide, the course, and website design services

I work with professional coaches. They work in the areas of business, careers, leadership, health and relationships. If you’re not familiar with the coaching profession, coaches are like advisors, mentors and consultants but use a slightly different approach. The ICF, a major coach training institution, has a nice write up about What is coaching?.

In 2001, I left the corporate world to pursue my passion of “creating on computers”. I became a web designer. While it was tough at first, I eventually figured out how to make my tiny business work. I’v been able to travel the world while doing the work I love. Read more about my story.

What I believe about great websites and finding clients

There are more clients out there than you can ever handle. If you’ve ever coached one person successfully, then you can certainly help more. Many more.

Clients are waiting for you. Clients are out there, sitting on their butts stuck. Waiting. And when you show up in their lives, they will think an angel was sent from heaven.

It’s your duty to make it happen. Clients aren’t about to hunt you down and beg you to coach them. But they would hire you – if only they knew about you. And so it’s on your shoulders to help them discover you.

Help them discover you. Forget about having to do any awkward marketing and clumsy selling. Instead, think about your client-seeking efforts as simply helping clients discover you. Help them find you, learn about you, and connect with you.

And remember, it’s not all about you. Bear in mind that every day you aren’t taking action to find new clients (get visible, send emails, connect with others, follow up, etc), not only does your business and income suffer, but people out there STAY STUCK and frustrated. They suffer too.

A great website makes this easy. With a website builds your image as a talented coach, that appeals to ideal prospects, you’ll be confident and eager to share it with everyone. New clients will soon follow.

Some good reads …

A few of the best … 

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On WordPress and visual design …

On blogging for coaches …

On getting the job done and launching

The best way to reach me is by email

If you need a web designer, head to the website design for coaches page.

Otherwise, just email me at email hidden; JavaScript is required. I will respond within 2 business days.

If you’re social, you can find me at Facebook here, LinkedIn here, and Twitter: CoachingSiteGuy.

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2 Responses to About Coaching Sites That Work

  1. Birgit November 27, 2015 at 3:59 am #

    Hi Kenn,
    I’m following you for a while. Today I have burning question and I wonder whether you would help me with an answer.
    I’m an adhd coach in germany. When you look on my website you don’t see any blog or something like that. No content marketing. I don’t have anything what man could really call a funnel. But I want to. I will set up my website from the scratch over christmas (I hope so) and I want to start blogging with tipps for adhd people. I have a video course. I want to have leadmagnets and freemiums and behind that funnels that lead to my coaching.

    BUT: I’m insecure. A coach of mine (she doesn’t know anything about online-marketing, but she is a entrepreneur’s coach) asked me: don’t you decrease the number of coaching clients when you give away your knowledge in video courses? Then the people who hired you by now because they didn’t get any other help won’t have to hire you anymore.

    And she made me insecure.

    I would appreciate your help and your answer, if possible.

    Thanks a lot


  2. Kenn Schroder November 27, 2015 at 11:23 pm #

    Hi Birgit … you’re pretty courageous in posting your insecurity online. Nice work.

    Insecure? Or do you mean inexperienced? Unsure? A little afraid of the unknown?

    Those are good questions, and I do think it’s important to reach out to people with valuable info but also offer them things they can buy – that is more help.

    And yes, marketing is something to learn as some of it is counter intuitive but helpful to earn money while providing value – and there are people who will happily pay for you to help them overcome challenges.

    You are asking good questions, and I hope taking plenty of action, and I hope getting support – a safe place to take action, in spite of your insecurities. A place where you can grow. A place where others are also insecure or have overcome some of those insecurities because it’s motivating and fun not to be alone.

    I see coaches take action while being a little insecure and then the insecurity sorta just goes away.

    Thanks for commenting. Thank yourself for being brave to speak up here, on my site.

    And I appreciate your trust in me as a source of help for your question.