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Hey, I’m Kenn Schroder, web developer, teacher and author who helps professional coaches build client-attracting websites.

Better call Kenn

This website is where I blog about websites for coaches and offer support in various ways. Topics include website design, content writing, technology, search engines, blogging, WordPress and more. I’m especially excited about strategy for getting clients with your website.

The coaches I work with help people succeed in various areas like business, careers, relationships, and health. They are all around the world, mostly in English speaking countries. If lucky, I may run into 1% of them in the physical realm. Maybe you’ll be one of them. 😉

I rekindled my childhood passion of creating on computers when I left my comfy corporate job back in 2001. With much trial, toil and tinkering, I’ve been fortunate enough to keep myself fed while doing the work I love. The work I do lets me travel the world and meet awesome folks like you.

More about my story to becoming a web designer for coaches here 7 Odd, Fun and Painful Moments that Lead Me to You.

What I hold near and dear to my heart about building a website that sells coaching.

There are an endless number of clients out there.

They are waiting for you.

Your job is get good marketing in place so the two of you can connect up.

Your website needs to be a tool to help you make that happen.

Everything (content, visuals, functionality) should get your visitors excited about hiring you as their coach.

Your website should be designed to attract clients and get them to eagerly contact you.


Some of the best articles from this blog …

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My doors are open, except when they are closed.

Being human is a busy job!

It requires hours upon hours of eating food, getting exercise, sleeping, talking to people, and finding meaning.

It’s a busy gig 😉

And so I’ve set up this handy thing called email so you can reach me easily and I can get back to you timely. It’s all the rave.

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2 Responses to About Coaching Sites That Work

  1. Birgit November 27, 2015 at 3:59 am #

    Hi Kenn,
    I’m following you for a while. Today I have burning question and I wonder whether you would help me with an answer.
    I’m an adhd coach in germany. When you look on my website you don’t see any blog or something like that. No content marketing. I don’t have anything what man could really call a funnel. But I want to. I will set up my website from the scratch over christmas (I hope so) and I want to start blogging with tipps for adhd people. I have a video course. I want to have leadmagnets and freemiums and behind that funnels that lead to my coaching.

    BUT: I’m insecure. A coach of mine (she doesn’t know anything about online-marketing, but she is a entrepreneur’s coach) asked me: don’t you decrease the number of coaching clients when you give away your knowledge in video courses? Then the people who hired you by now because they didn’t get any other help won’t have to hire you anymore.

    And she made me insecure.

    I would appreciate your help and your answer, if possible.

    Thanks a lot


  2. Kenn Schroder November 27, 2015 at 11:23 pm #

    Hi Birgit … you’re pretty courageous in posting your insecurity online. Nice work.

    Insecure? Or do you mean inexperienced? Unsure? A little afraid of the unknown?

    Those are good questions, and I do think it’s important to reach out to people with valuable info but also offer them things they can buy – that is more help.

    And yes, marketing is something to learn as some of it is counter intuitive but helpful to earn money while providing value – and there are people who will happily pay for you to help them overcome challenges.

    You are asking good questions, and I hope taking plenty of action, and I hope getting support – a safe place to take action, in spite of your insecurities. A place where you can grow. A place where others are also insecure or have overcome some of those insecurities because it’s motivating and fun not to be alone.

    I see coaches take action while being a little insecure and then the insecurity sorta just goes away.

    Thanks for commenting. Thank yourself for being brave to speak up here, on my site.

    And I appreciate your trust in me as a source of help for your question.