Website Design for Coaches

Website Design for Coaches

I work with business, executive, career, health, relationship and life coaches who want to look professional and attract clients. If you want a great website you’d can’t wait to share with the world, then take the next step here.

What clients say …

Paul's Coaching Website

Kenn was very systematic in taking me through creating content, visuals and the website. And not only is he great at extracting information to make a site reflect me and my strengths, he asked questions about where my business is going … And all of this Kenn reflected in the site. That’s a very valuable (and rare) skill.  Thank you Kenn.

~ Paul O’Dwyer, Business Advisor

website design for coaches - shushannaI told you on the call last night that I was happy with it, but now I’ve spent more time on it, I LOVE it!!! In our work together, the effort to think through content was the most helpful part. A few months ago if someone asked to see my website I was like, “Uhh …” and very reluctant. Now, I’m very happy to send them knowing it reflects what I do and will motivate them to action. The person I sent to it last night just jumped on my list. Thanks Kenn!

~ Shushanna Mignott, Lifestyle Design

drjoanne - naturopathic doctorI really liked the BizQs document. It really made me think about my business and helped me really refine my business.The site is exactly what I’m looking for! It’s a site that’s tailored to my market instead of one that’s focused on me… you were very instrumental in moving me in the right direction.

~ Joanne Day, Naturopathic Doctor

raji's coaching website

Kenn note: In this project we did nearly all of the project by email due to busy schedules. It’s WordPress based with email list, blog, freebie, course, social networks, search engines and compelling invite to generate new client leads. 

~ Raji Menon, Life Coach

phil shuart's coaching website

I liked walking through the process of sending out my first email so that was very helpful. I’m still happily swimming in all this. (Kenn note: In this website we setup an email-list capture system to primarily grow Phil’s list and nurture relationships by email.)

~ Phil Shuart, Sales Coach

website design for life coach pamina

Kenn, the greatest gift for me working with you has undoubtedly been that you just handle it – superbly. Websites are an area I am not knowledgeable about, so to be able to just hand over to you and know that my project is in expert hands and is happening, is priceless.

~ Pamina Mullins, Reclaim Your Life

How we work together

website design for coaches

  • After we talk, I’ll offer you a package and a fixed fee.
  • We start our work with a kickoff meeting to things rolling.
  • I’ll send you some questions ahead to get addition info.
  • My fees typically range from 2-6k, depending on your needs.
  • I limit work to around 3 clients to make space for you.
  • Smaller projects take 4-6 weeks and longer ones 10-12.
  • We work mostly by email with phone calls in between.
  • I need around five hour a week from you as we go.
  • I give you guides, examples, and my feedback to help you write well.
  • I give homework with deadlines to keep us on track.
  • After we’re one, I provide training and support to help you further.
Because I specialize in web design for coaches, I’ve accumulated unique know-how for what works in the areas of content creation, website strategy, online marketing, blogging and more. I also have a few of assistants to get things done faster, better, and less costly.

More client feedback

Canadian Health CoachHe really customizes your site to reflect your style, needs and purpose. I couldn’t recommend him enough! ~ Shaunna Menard, Health Coach
Health Coach for WomenYour coaching website expertise was critical for creating a website that communicates what we do in an attractive, logical, and action-oriented way. ~ Debbie Schroeder, Health Coach
Health & Wellness Coach Website - Marianne Buck MurrayI can confidently put the word out knowing that people will be excited to visit my website and knowing that people will get into my marketing systems. ~ Marian Buck-Murray, Health Coach
Relationship CoachI am confident that my new site will provide a marketing platform that I can confidently use to forward my goals. I now have a site that I am proud of. ~ Ron Capocelli, Relationship Coach

testi-JeffYou really got me to think about the content from the customer’s perspective. That was
challenging but now I can see how it makes the website much more engaging. ~ Jeff Rock
diannepKenn had an uncanny way of interpreting what I wanted and then telling me in terms I could understand, what I needed to make my website effective. ~ Dianne Parker, Business Counselor
timI have a mechanism for reaching customers, for them to reach me, and reflect my brand. I’ve got a system in place to attract customers and manage that. ~ Tim Conrad
graemeWhen I shared the drafts with my market, the reactions were without question, ‘Wow, that looks good! This is really good. This is very focused and clear. ~ Graeme Owen

Do you want a great coaching website to build your image, give you confidence, and impress people?

Two things come to me when I think deep down what is vital for a coaching website:

1. Design to attract. Most coaches want more new clients with the possibility of creating products (ebooks, passive income, memberships) down the road. Thus, your website (strategy, pages, content, calls to action) need to be intentional – geared to attract people to your site and to contact you for coaching.

2. Stay lean, go quick, learn and grow. Keep things simpler to start. Get your content together quickly and don’t over think it. Getting your website going quickly will build excitement and momentum. Then, see how it’s received in the world. Get feedback and improve.

If you want to quickly get your coaching website up and boost your marketing, then tell me more about you, here.

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