Coaching Websites Facebook Group Rules

Facebook Group Rules

The Coaching Websites Facebook Group is a place for coaches who want great websites.

Welcome to this special group where we talk about all topics related to building a simple yet powerful website for your coaching business.

I’ll be sharing various tips, tricks, tech stuff, infographics, real practices, failed ideas, and more to help you build a great site, market like the pros, fill up on clients, and grow a “sweet as” (a term they use down here in New Zealand) coaching business.

I welcome you to share your best ideas, successes, failures and clever jokes so we can all learn from each other.

Topics include: web design, web marketing, search engines, WordPress, design process, content writing, visual design, social media marketing and more.

The big picture goal? To build a great coaching website that helps you succeed – which for many coaches, that means 10 ongoing steady clients (paying of course), so you can enjoy helping others do great things.

Me? I’m Kenn Schroder, founder of, and the person managing the group. You can certainly learn more about my journey to serving coaches here: Read Kenn’s story.

In order to maintain law and order for our members we have a few rules …

Break any of these and it’s 50 lashes with a wet noodle, as my high school math teacher used to say. Hey, I hate to have to set rules and spend any time babysitting, but I’d hate it more for this group to get soiled and become another junk forum. With me?

I strive to create a supportive environment for all members in a space that is free of self-promotion, spam, or advertising or similar junk. By being part of this group you agree to these terms and conditions. If you don’t agree, no sweat, kindly remove yourself from the group.

Our moderators (lonely old me and any alter egos) will delete any post that breaks the following rules and the offending member will be removed from the group. I take this seriously and may not give warning.

I will occasionally break our the promotion rule if I feel it will serve the community. I reserve that right as it is our group and community.

If you have any questions, just message me.

1. No Self Promotion

This means posting something you hope other people will click so you get some kind of benefit including:

  • Promoting your own webinar or event
  • Selling anything like products, services, courses, events and programs
  • No solicitation or requests for others to private message you to find out how you can help or what you can offer, or to get their email address for any reason
  • No posting links to your social media profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc)

2. If you want feedback on your website, pages or material, then start a Trio Dance ...

Trio dance what?

Simply make a post to the group and ask for TWO people to join you (making a trio) and offer to give feedback on each other’s websites or materials. Once two people reply to your invitation and have committed to providing feedback, then all three of you can go ahead and post your website/link for review. Keep it all in one discussion.

I’m doing this to avoid lazy requests to get website feedback without first being willing to give. Plus, this is a better move if you truly want feedback.

3. Posting Meaningful Links In Response To Others Questions Is OK

If someone asks a question and you have content which can help them, it’s ok to post links in the comments of their post.

Remember, it’s breaking the rules if you create a new post, it must be in the comments  must be directly related to the question being asked.

4. Play Nice 

Remember, this group is about supporting each other and giving helpful, constructive feedback. I will delete posts that are mean spirited, rude, or ones that attack the person (like you’re a jerk) and then remove the offender from the group.

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