The Coaching Site Guide

The Coaching Site Guide: A simple blueprint to create compelling content, attract great clients, and generate new leads.

the coaching site guide

Learn how to confidently and authentically sell your coaching services online from 11 years of building websites exclusively for coaches.

  • Learn how to write content that appeals to your ideal client.
  • Build your credibility high so that people will be drawn to you.
  • Get the key pages, the sitemap and calls-to-action for generating leads.
  • Launch your website quickly without pulling your hair out.
  • Bonus Tools: Clients from the Web & Blog for Traffic Infographic.

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I did a study. I found that 90% of coaching websites never bring a single client. And here’s why …

coaching websites checklist

Even the most basic of marketing teachings will advise you to do some research, to talk to your market, to learn about them so you can better serve and sell to them.

And so, back in 2012, I did a study, before writing the first version of this guide.

I got on the phone with 45 coaches from my email list to find out everything I could about their thoughts, behaviors, and worries about websites.

Three weeks later, with lots of emails and phone calls, I tallied the results …

To my surprise, I found out that 1/3 of websites never made it online.
And of the ones that did make it to prime time, 90% never generated a single lead. 

That’s a very high failure rate.

It’s scary. Imagine spending months developing your website, perhaps thousands of dollars, and then nothing comes from it.

Plus, the idea of having to redo your website, start over, spend even more time and money or even give up on your dreams all together can be a huge downer. Gah!

I know this pain very intimately. I was once in the 10%.

In my early days of business, I must have redone my website over 20 times before I figured out how to make it to consistently bring me new emails from coaches who needed my help.

From much trail and error, I eventually tried and realized the following very big aha that helped me get dozens of leads each month and the same for the coaches I work with …

10% of coaching websites work

The Big Discovery – Everything in your website (content, visuals, pages, links, calls-to-action, forms, etc) must speak to the visitor’s interests (genuinely and inspirationally) and then lead the visitor to (happily and eagerly) contact you for coaching. Everything!

You just can’t talk about whatever YOU want and thrown random stuff on your website in an unplanned manner. It just confuses people.

When comparing successful websites to failed ones, here are the top 3 problem areas …

1. The websites were confusing. They were difficult to navigate, poorly organized, and hard to read.

2. The content was boring. They didn’t engage, excite and inspire visitors to want coaching.

3. The strategies were weak. The titles, pages, calls to action, and images weren’t arranged to generate leads.

As you know, “problem areas” are really “opportunities” in disguise.

And so to bring in new clients with your website, it absolutely must be easy-to-use, exciting to read, and smoothly lead visitors to contacting you.

And don’t fret too much if you’ve already got a site that’s not working and have spent a lot of time and money. 

You’re not alone and it’s totally understandable. Here’s why I believe many end up with a site that doesn’t work:

  • There are lots of inspiring message out there that will entice you to “dive in” without a good plan.
  • There are quite a few elements that need to work together from content, to visuals, to technology to strategy.
  • Theres much to learn if you’ve never had a website or a business before.
  • There’s a lot of information out there that can overwhelm and confuse you with too many ideas.

And this is why I wrote the guide.

Whether you’re just researching right now OR are you’re about to start a website OR are you’re stuck mid-build OR you have a website that’s underperforming, then read on about how the guide can help.

I’d love to see you quickly launch, get out there, and start taking on new clients so you can do soul-satisfying work you love, with some great people.

Kenn Schroder

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What’s inside the guide?

the coaching site guide

Inside the 193 page pdf, you’ll learn …

  • How to focus your website on your client instead of you.
  • How to avoid the top 7 mistakes most coaches make.
  • How to make an enticing opt-in box that gets sign-ups.
  • How to craft the key pages coaches should have on their site.
  • How to make your menu simple, easy, and intuitive for visitors.
  • How to write great articles like the seasoned pros.
  • How to choose an ideal WordPress theme.
  • How to start getting traffic from search engines.
  • How to choose great images and avoid cheesy ones.
  • How and where to find a good web designer.
  • How the web design process works to get things done timely.
  • How to quickly create a free giveaway that people just gotta have.
  • How to get raving testimonials (I call success stories).
  • How to get a bio photo that makes you look like a pro.
  • How to write enticingly from recipes, formulas, and examples.
  • Links to blogs for detailed information.
  • And much, much more …

Three visuals inside the guide that show you how to design to attract clients.

The Language Clients Get Diagram
See things from the client’s perspective so they’ll get excited about coaching with you.

The Marketing Hub Model
Learn how your website works with things like networking, speaking, and creating products.

The Home Page Attraction Elements - The Coaching Site Guide

The Homepage Elements
Learn how to build your credibility high and engage visitors right away on your homepage.

Check out chapter 1 for free …

read chapter 1 for free

Preview chapter 1 to see if the content is any good.

I don’t want you to spend the next 6-12 months …
… working on your website only to create another boring, “fugly” website that you’re afraid to show anyone – and that never brings you a single client.

Instead, get the guide, write great content …
…launch quickly, and confidently get out there knowing your website will impress your ideal clients.

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Here’s the key to writing authentic, exciting content for your website.

Ever notice how people’s eyes glaze over when you try to explain how coaching works? And if they do “sorta get it”, it doesn’t really get them wanting to hire you?

But this is what most coaches do on their websites. They try to explain how it works, the processes and techniques. And clients just don’t get excited about that stuff.

The key to good content that sells your coaching services is to speak directly to the needs of your visitors. Talk about how coaching helps THEM – including direct, obvious benefits as well as intangible, emotional, and future value.

If you can do this while remaining real, human and approachable, then you’ve got content that people will love.

In The Coaching Site Guide, you get the writing techniques, formulas and examples that have worked for my clients.

If you’re overwhelmed with technology and the whole website creation process, here’s how to stay focused and get it done timely.

Don’t fret. It’s quite common to pull your hair out over your website. There’s a lot to do. A lot to think about. And too much info (mostly irrelevant) out there to keep you forever researching.

And while hiring a designer can help, it often adds more stress because you have to manage them and explain coaching to them – which leads to a lot of back and forth.

The biggest reason for overwhelm is lack of focus. Without a clear vision for your website (pages, colors, feel, content, technology, and calls to action) you’ll never launch.

You’ll just chase the latest shiny object, overthink your copy, and fall prey to perfectionism. Like a broken record, you’ll tell people that “you’re still working on your website”. Bleh!

In The Coaching Site Guide, you’ll learn how to keep from getting stressed, to stay on track and launch your website in a timely manner.

fail to launch website



Get your website up quickly so that people can so find you and work with you.

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What coaches are saying about the guide …

life coach chiara

Your guide was extremely helpful and really gave me a blueprint I could follow in structuring my own coaching site and content. 

The site is doing its job by attracting a regular stream of consultation requests and clientsThanks so much for sharing your insights and wisdom.

~ Chiara Pietrogiovanna

life coach hanna hempenstall

You described how to make my website about the benefits to the client. I honestly thought I already had, but when I read your guide I could see I was totally fixed on my own perspective and was explaining the processes.

I changed the text, get new photos taken and wrote my free ebook in about 4 weeks. My website has already generated 13 new clients. The guide has been invaluable and I’m really excited about the next phase of my business.

~ Hannah Hempenstall

EG sebastian - mentor coach - my client attraction academyKenn, the section on the giveaway and opt-in box are absolutely priceless. If coaches followed that advice, they’d be well their way to really understanding client attraction. PS – Thanks for helping the members at LinkedIn!
EG Sebastian, Client-Attraction

Lisa Manyoky, Branding StrategistWeb development can make even the brightest person’s brain feel like pudding. You lighten the heaviness with your approachable style, and then feed lots of substance in “little bites” so readers don’t get overwhelmed.
Lisa Manyoky, Branding Strategist

Coach Gary Henson - Business CoachNot everyone can write. Not everyone can hold an audience. Your Guide is very well written. I have the sitemap and hub model pages pinned on my wall. The way you built up to the content writing section was done so nicely that even a novice can understand it.
Gary Henson, Business Coach

Carol Leak - Personal Development Coach“What made it easy for me were the models, layouts, templates, formulas and examples – and your subtle humor along the way. I like that. Makes it real and it makes me smile. Doesn’t get much better than that.
Carol Leek, Business Coach

Mike Rafati - Incredible CoachKenn is providing what coaches and consultants need to effectively market their business on the Internet. Read and use this step-by-step guide to develop your expert website and your customized online marketing system to attract and engage more clients.
Mike Rafati, Incredible Coach

gayle - positive psychology coachKenn, I think you’re brilliant! The whole idea of the “expert website” resonates with me. This guide is going to keep lots of coaches from floundering for a couple of years, wondering why their site isn’t attracting clients.
Gayle Scroggs, Mentor Coach

Anne Fischer - Success CoachIt’s easy to comprehend and really simple to work with. I’ve finally narrowed my niche – a huge step after 2½ years in business. Thank you so much for making that available to coaches like me!
~ Anne Fischer, Success Coach

Barb Zeigler - Business CoachIt’s really hard for coaches to see their service from the benefit to the customer/client’s perspective. I thought you did one of the best jobs of explaining that I’ve seen. Plus, the step-by-step approach was exceptional.
~ Barb Zeigler, Set and Get Your Fees

Tim Conrad - Resilience CoachI like that the site is intentional and purposeful about getting you clients. The message comes across to me loud and clear, “It’s not about you stupid but what your clients want” – but you say that nicely.
~ Dr Tim Conrad, Resilience Coach.

Your coaching business dreams are worth it!
Put your best foot forward, get the guide and
make sure your website is a great tool for getting clients.

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3 Bonus Tools when You Buy the Guide

Bonus 1 : The Client-Attraction Sitemap

Print it out and stick it on your wall. This infographic shows you how the various website components work together to attract ideal clients, build instant credibility, and lead visitors to contact you.

attraction sitemap

blog for traffic infographic

Bonus 2 : Blog for Traffic Infographic & The Private Notes

Publishing is the new advertising. View blogging a simple way to both (1) build your credibility as a coach and (2) share information to get your name in front of potential clients. Use this this infographic to consistently write great articles that people will love.

Bonus 3 : Clients from The Web Infographic

If you want a website that brings in clients while you sleep, you need to have a few things in place. When the coaches I work with aren’t getting enough leads, I whip this out and troubleshoot. It works like magic.

clients from the web

Yes, I want the guide!
Choose the guide or the kit below:

the coaching site guide

Option 1: The Guide Only $97

  • Get 193 pages of my best advice for one low price
  • Bonus Tool: Blog for Traffic Infographic and My Secrets Notes
  • Bonus Tool: Client-Attraction Sitemap and My Secrets Notes
  • Bonus Tool: Clients from the Web Infographic
  • 100% Total Happiness Promise

Design your website to attract new clients. You won’t regret it.

Buy The Guide Now $97

Option 2: The QuickStart Kit $297

Build a better website with the tools I use with my most successful clients.
Use them yourself or with your designer.

the coaching sites guide

The Coaching Site Guide
For a site that sells coaching (so you don’t have to), get these 193 pages of my best advice.

wordpress videos

WordPress Videos
Grab a cup of coffee, quickly learn WordPress, and setup your first webpage. Build exciting momentum with vital first steps.


divi theme

The Divi Theme
Great for content layout. Easily express your brand. Looks great on mobiles. The perfect cutting edge theme.

launch coaching website

2-Week Launch Plan
If you want to “eat the frog” and get your website done in a focused, timely manner, this infographic shows you how.

secret website

The Secret Website
Access a private, working website that details the content strategy, page-by-page.

Buy The Kit Now $297


30 day guarantee

100% Total Happiness Promise

Your happiness is my priority. I want you to get a lot from the guide. If you find that it’s not for you, you have a full 30 days to let me know and I’ll be happy to refund you in full. To get a refund, just reply to the email receipt and it will be issued right away. Easy.

Kenn Schroder, Web Designer for Coaches

Kenn Schroder - Coaching Site Specialist

“Creating on computers” has been a passion of mine since I was 8 years old. I left corporate America in 2000 to do my own thing as a web developer. In 2006, I decided to focus solely on coaching websites to deliver more value, run a better business, and have more fun with cool people like you 😉

I took my best advice and put it into this handy manual called The Coaching Site Guide. Take advantage of my experience to help you attract clients. People really do need you and it’s your duty to get out there find them.

I love long walks on the beach and grass-fed burgers on salads.

I want the guide!

Common Questions

Who is this guide for? Whether you plan to build it or hire someone, this guide will give you content, design, and functional strategies for creating a website that reflects you while appealing to your visitors. That’s how you generate new leads. If adding new clients to your business is your main goal, this guide is for you. Jump up and buy now.

What if I’m not very technical? This guide more strategic than it is a tech manual. If you’re a technophobe, then hire someone for the website setup. Use the guide for creating content, design guidance and website strategy.

Will I learn WordPress? WordPress is outside the scope of this guide, but I do give you some of the basics. This guide is for use with any website creation tool.

What about SEO? Is it in the guide? No. It’s too big of a topic. However, I do give you some of the basics which have helped many coaches start getting new clients from the Web.

How is your guide different from all the free stuff out there? The free advice out there is general, overwhelming, and loosely relevant for coaches. This guide has the stuff I’ve found to work for coaches.

I’m a techie. Should I buy the guide? Yes, for the content advice, design tips and website strategy which are important if you want your website to generate leads.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like it? Yes. Instantly.

Should I get the guide if I’m not using WordPress? Yes, because the guide is all about the strategy for generating leads. It matters less what website creation technology you use.

Got a question? No sweat. My doors are always open. Just email at email hidden; JavaScript is required and I’ll respond within a business day.

Yes, I’m ready to buy!

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