Health Coaching Website Review – Bindu and Fibromyalgia

In this video, I review Bindu Johnson’s health coaching website at

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As I create, review or enhance websites, I always keep this guiding question in mind, How can I make this website better for attracting clients?

Key points for Bindu’s health coaching website:

  • I like the domain name because it says what you help people with – going beyond the problems of fibromyalgia.
  • The menu is obviously positioned and the labels are easy to understand. Nice!
  • Make each page’s heading obvious and big on those pages. This will help me move from page to page without getting lost. 
  • The header is big, taking up nearly half of the screen. Make that smaller as it confuses me as to what page I’m on. I almost feel like I never left the home page.
  • Your smile is good. Your face being visible is also excellent. You’re present and you appear friendly and helpful. Really good.
  • Simplify wordy sentences. Try speaking them aloud and try having others speak your content aloud to see if it’s easy.
  • Your content is excellently positioned around the clients’ situation, challenges, and interests. This is done well throughout your website.
  • The color scheme feels good. I like the analogous choice of blues and purples and pinks. 
  • You did your whole website yourself and you did an amazing job. It’s a lot to handle tech, create content, and create visuals. A lot!
  • You’ve got testimonials. Brilliant!
  • Go through the video with a pen and paper to note a bunch of other little tweaks. 

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