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This is both a good-idea article and an I-wonder-what-you-think article.

If you haven’t learned, it’s a great idea to make your efforts do double and triple time.

For example, record live interviews for your group coaching class and then package those recordings into a set of 10 and sell it on a specific topic.

Or, in the case of this post, blog to an ebook.

More specifically, you write blog entries to:

  1. put content onto your site that search engines can find and send you traffic
  2. build your credibility as an expert
  3. send content out to your list build your relationships
  4. disperse content to other sites like social networking/discussion groups/other blogs for visibility
  5. accumulate content for your book/ebook

Good stuff huh? Yep.

On a side note, my new coaching website package, The Coaching Business BlogSite Marketing System (not yet released to the general public), which I mentioned last week is a great platform for doing this kind of thing. Missed it? Get in touch with me here: https://coachingsitesthatwork.com if you’re looking to create your website marketing systems.

Here’s a quick example of an ebook you could create from blogging.

For a health coach, “67 Tips for Losing Weight Naturally.” Then, just make 67 blog posts and you have the book content. Or, perhaps you just publicize 20 posts and suggest getting the other 47 in the ebook.

Ok, the blog-to-an-ebook idea was is the good-idea part of this article.

Next, the I-wonder-what-you-think part  and free copy of my ebook.

I’d love more ideas for ebooks you could easily create from blogging.

Let’s win together right now.

Go to my blog post by clicking the link below:

  1. Tell me what ebook you could write by blogging.
  2. What kind of ebook you would love me to write.

Here’s the link:


Do this, and you’ll get a free copy when it comes out.

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  1. Hi ken,

    what about writing articles related to thehealth coach in Canada. many people would love that< any way, keep on writing. I am looking forward for more articles coming from you!

  2. Hi Margie,

    Thanks for your comment. That’s a great question … with all the overwhelm, what do you focus on?

    Unfortunately, I’d say it really depends on where your market is.

    I’m guessing you’re not so clear on where they are at, hence any of the activities may or may not work.

    If I’m correct, my suggestion is focus your efforts on a viable niche.

    It’s handy to spend some time research and discovering a profitable niche. Here are some articles I amassed a while back that could help:


  3. The ebook I could write: 10 tips on living a successful life

    The ebook I would love you to write: How to write a great ebook.

  4. Hi Kenn:
    I’d love to see you write about the “best use of time” for coaches : blogs, twitter, newsletters, e-books, websites.
    If one has limited time, which of the above are most important for visibility and credibility?