LinkedIn Background Photo Tips for Looking Good

A recruiter surprised me once, when she told me about LinkedIn profiles.

Not having a LinkedIn background photo (that very wide image behind your profile photo) gives visitors the impression that your profile is dated, inactive, unkept or that you simply don’t care about it.

And those are bad for biz, especially if you’re using LinkedIn. People will check you out online.

But a recruiter once told me even more interesting — that not having a LinkedIn profile picture means that you’re not smart (Woah!) enough to figure out how to update it. And that’s a big red flag in the job market.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely look up people on social media as I consider any serious interactions.

I would imagine that a potential coaching client who is checking you out, wanting to see if you’re a real pro, and your LinkedIn profile looks dated or incomplete, your credibility takes a hit.

Yes, it’s a little work, and you can get wrapped up in the right image, and pulled into making other updates, as well as getting sucked into other social notifications and find hours go by as you get side-tracked.

Maybe you’ve got a background image, but it doesn’t look right.

  • Maybe you’ve used the banner from your website but it doesn’t fit right.
  • Perhaps the words on there and it’s too small on mobile
  • Maybe LinkedIn changed since last you checked and things look off.

In the below video, I mess around with my LinkedIn background photo so you can see how to make it fit and look good.

I talk about …

  • See how to mix an image and text cleanly, readably
  • Considerations for mobile viewing, which I put at 50% of your users, and growing
  • Some things to avoid on your background photo
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