Living the Dream at the Paper Moon Cafe – A Tip for Staying Productive

I’m on my way to one of my new favorite work locations, the Coffee Club by the Ramada Inn, over here in Albany, Auckland, New Zealand.

coffee club ramada

I just stopped by the Paper Moon Cafe, the locals’ favorite spot in the mall.

I’ve been here before, but it’s not great for laptopping because it’s in the food court which is noisy with lots of people moving around.

This morning is special, because I celebrating having completed writing an email sequence that sells the website course, Client-Attracting Websites.

This delicious looking, lonely beetroot carrot cake will do.

Since I’m also recovering from an intense basketball bout yesterday and had my 30-minute morning walk, this yummy sugary delight will serve me as some good carb refueling.

Yes, it might seem cheesy to have to reward myself for my work, but sadly, I’m just another human being who needs positive reinforcement to keep at it.

And that’s the secret to getting things done if you’re lone-wolfing your work.

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Create a way to positive reward your behavior.

It can be a long lonely trek when working on your website with many hours of writing content, traffic building and all sorts of computer tasks.

It’s often grunt work that needs to get done.

So to mix in a dose of positivity with your efforts, take the time to look back to what you’ve done and enjoy a good reward.

Rewards or positive feedback is also great for reinforcing change as my friend Rachel Hill – career coach and mentor who helps people leave a job they hate and find work they love – explained to me recently.

She taught me the later phase in developing skills or making change is solidifying the new learning with positive feedback and a healthy dose of cheering 😉

Four simple ways to nurture productivity.


Take 5 minutes at the end of the work day to look back and acknowledge anything good even if the day was a productivity desert. There’s always something good in there and recognizing will breed more of it. If you journal, that’d be a good place to put it.


Talk with your partner or spouse about the good in the day. What were 3 things that went well? Sharing the discussion multiplies the good energy even more. And 5 minutes is all you need to fuel it.


If a project is on your plate that may take days or weeks, plan for a reward at the end and tell someone about the reward so you do it! That beetroot carrot cake, while a far cry from my healthy eating habits, is perfectly in line with enjoying my business and creating that supportive, positive feedback loop.


If you work with others, coworkers, colleagues or a coach, be sure that a part of your interaction (call or emails or text, etc) are dedicated to a win. Identify any win or anything positive as part of your time spent together.

If you’ve got no one and are a bit of alone in your work and biz, find a coach friend or seek someone from one of your networks or online groups to support each other with positive words. It can even be as simple as a daily email. Maybe make it a trio or foursome to rise the tide and ships even higher.

As you ‘ll soon learn, I love …

I love hearing from visitors to my website. It’s a small reward for my writing efforts. Small but pronounced, like eating a cookie 😉

So, please take a quick second and let me know if you found this post handy, or you have a way of staying productive in your work.

I’d love to hear it.


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