Redesign Your Coaching Website – 3 Tips for 2021


Do you cringe at the idea of sending anyone to your website?

If the idea of actually sharing your website with a potential client sends shivers down your spine, upsets your stomach, and makes you grimace, then it’s probably time to redesign.

Here are three tips to start fixing things up … 

1. Tie your message to a REAL PAIN.

It’s likely your message is too vague, general, or concept-heavy for clients to understand.
Try bringing real-life, tangible reasons to hire you — things people ALREADY PAY FOR like health, well-being, careers, work, relationships, and love.

People will see more value and be drawn in when they can relate to your copy.

2. Go Marie Kondo and DECLUTTER FOR JOY.

Organizer extraordinaire Marie wrote The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, a simple but excellent book. I watched her Netflix series too — fab!

It’s so easy to make a mess of your website with all the widgets, add-ons, and whatchamacallits available today. 

Do your digital hot mess a favor and ditch most of it — opt for straight, simple, clear use of text and images.

Less is a helluva lot more — especially online.

3. Make the visuals WORK TOGETHER.

Start with a good headshot (or action shot like talking to a client) and pick ONE COLOR from it to highlight (buttons, links).

This will keep things glued together visually. Avoid just putting up anything that you like just because you can.

Choose just ONE SPECIAL FONT for headings but keep the body font simple and readable. 

A big part of making a website great is making it appealing to engage with. That means it looks organized, it’s easy to read, and it’s about a topic clients care about.

How great would it be if you felt proud and eager to share your website? If you knew people would enjoy it when they showed up?

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  1. Hi Kenn,

    Last year you gave out many great ideas to help improve websites.

    One that was a good point and reminder to us all is to keep sentences/paragraphs to no more than 5 lines, then separate to start the next sentences and so on.

    The point being to break up text/information to keep it interesting without a break can give reading a headache. With short paragraphs much better for readers to keep interested.

  2. Great concepts for applying to my website revamp. I will be starting that in a few weeks. Very excited!!
    Thank you for sharing relevant content always.

    PS Big not bit under point 3 paragraph 4.