Setting Up Your Site, Gunning for New Clients, Should You Set Up PayPal?

Lots of new coaches wonder if they should put a PayPal (or other cart or payment system) onto their new website, so that clients could pay online.

If you basically have no clients, I say don’t even worry about this right now. It’s not like people are gonna buy your coaching services right off your website … and, you ought to speak to them beforehand to make sure you want to work with them. Not all clients are ideal.

In reality, people will want to talk to you and get to know you before handing over their credit card information. Whether you have a way to pay online is of very little concern to a prospective client. They care more about what you can help them accomplish.

Your job now, is to focus on getting in front of prospects (be it online or offline), tell people what you do, and invite them to discuss working together. Focus on getting them to say yes to coaching before focusing on paying (you can give them options).

When your first client says, “Yes, sign me up for 6 months, I’ll pay it in full, now,” then you can say, “Sure, I take credit cards,” and then take their card info, and right after the call, call up PracticePaySolutions and fill out your merchant application, it should take a few days to complete.

Down the road when you get 5 to 10 clients, and you find yourself doing too much card data entry, then get an assistant to do it. Or, you could now look for a way to set up online methods for taking payment.

If you are gonna do group type services, 10 or more people, well, then you may want to automate this.

But then again, it might be a blast running 10 cards and watch the money come in.

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