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Build high credibility, get visible, and attract new clients.

Join a fun, productive group of coaches and learn how to consistently create great blog posts that clients will love.

Build your online coaching business, grow your income, and enjoy the time and location flexibility — work whenever and from wherever you want.

I do 😉

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Three Keys to Blogging to Attract New Clients.

I love blogging, especially for coaches. But it can be tricky. I see many fail. 

I see many blogs die off before they gain traction. 

I see many confusing articles that started as exciting ideas but didn’t come together coherently. 

Finally, many blogs are invisible — on websites that get no traffic.

Their blogs don’t make it off the ground and don’t generate new client leads.

In the ideal world (the one I will help you create), you’re out there — professionally, authentically, confidently — and clients are showing up.

When done well, good articles build your image and credibility as a talented coach worth hiring.

And if you’re getting them out online consistently, traffic and visibility will build over time. 

Then, clients magically (not really, but it feels like it!) show up.

Why it’s tricky to post content online and get it all to work. 

The hard part is choosing good topics (hint: ones clients care about), getting that content out in good places (hint: where clients are), and do this consistently (hint: make it fun!).

There’s work to do, certainly. Things to learn, yes. And that can be tough, especially if you’re new and definitely going at it alone.

I like seeing this whole blogging thing play out like this:

You’re in a groove, pulling together your brainy ideas in a joyful, creative session.

You look forward to it each week in your armchair by the window or that cozy cafe (like me). 

Marketing Sharing your honest, truthful, supportive thoughts in well-written form is fun.

And it’s working — as in new clients are reaching you.

And that’s the purpose of the Web Mastery Group. 

I’m reopening this group for some fun — fun in creating content, fun in doing it together (me, you, cool coaches), and fun in watching new clients show up. 

Covid made a mess. The modern world is trying. It’s time for a worldly shift — and people need your coaching support to survive (it just may be that serious). 

Let’s get your content marketing going, shall we?

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How This Group Program Works

1. My Private Notes to Speed Up Learning
You’ll learn and apply a little bit each week to create better content, get it out to more places online so that your traffic and new client leads grow over time.

2. My Quadfecta Strategy to Multiply Results
You’ll learn how to apply four savvy strategies to build traffic – blog, SEO, sharing, and list-building. And it’s simply based on one piece of content each week.

3. Group Format for Accountability and Fun
Joining a supportive tribe brings that “rising tide raises all ships” buzz that fuels success. It’s so much easier to get the work done when you do it with good folks.

4. Our Weekly Schedule to See Regular Progress
Each week you’ll publish a new article and get it out online. There’s a schedule to follow and you’ll be teamed up with two others for precious feedback to bolster your writing (yet another hidden gem of this program).

web design with kenn

Your Fearless Leader

Closing time at the cafe, an empty cookie jar, and wifi outages are my biggest fears.
But putting content online to attract new clients is not. It’s a ton of fun!

For my business, I’ve been blogging since the early 2000s, and it’s my primary source of traffic. It keeps me full of clients, brings in book sales, and fills group programs. I’ve been lucky enough to live and work overseas and have full control over my schedule.

For Mitzi’s life coaching business, she was a previous group member, blogging consistently about relationships, depression, and pursuing dreams. She was able to blog consistently, and it filled her practice with clients. She’s at LetYourDreamsBegin.com.

For Graeme’s business coaching, we crafted good articles (blogs), got them out online, and eventually over-filled his practice. He had to hire a coach, raise rates, and move to an online-only business. He’s at TheSuccessfulBuilder.com. He dove into the process quickly, decisively, and it worked.

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It’s important that this program is amazing for you, the other members, and myself as we’re on this journey together.

This group isn’t for everyone. To keep it strong and successful, it’s limited to 10 members.

Please fill out this form and you and I will meet via Zoom and discuss it further, making sure it’s a fit.

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Are you ready to have some prodcutive fun to grow your business?

A personal note from Kenn

That’s me on Browns Bay beach here in New Zealand, where I’ve set up the 5th international headquarters of Coaching Sites That Work.

I absolutely LOVE a good, productive, adventure with diligent coaches pursuing dreams.

This year, it’s my quest to lead 10 coaches to the business mountain peak of a full list of clients by applying content marketing.

Being able to work from anywhere, run your business online completely so you can travel (after we get past covid) or set your own hours, and work with people around the planet is nothing short of amazing.

I’ve experienced this first hand. It’s priceless. And it’s doable in this day in age with the Web.

Yes, a big part of this program is selfish for me. I not only get a kick out of this “lifestyle design approach” to work, but to help others do the same is an exciting movement.

I especially love being around diligent, interesting coaches who are also taking brave action towards meaningful goals.

If this might be you, then apply below.

Thanks for reading this over.