10 Blog Steps to Get Clients from Search Engines


Here’s an example of how to write a blog entry to lead potential clients to you from search engines.

    1. Think about a challenge your client faces from their perspective.
      ex: A parent’s child suddenly gets poor grades in school
    2. Think about keywords this parent might use to search for help.
      ex. my daughter is suddenly getting bad grades, my son’s grades started getting worse
    3. Choose a title that solves the problem.
      ex. How to Parent a Teen That Suddenly Gets Poor Grades

  1. Write the article and post it to your blog using the various keywords in the article.
  2. Wait for search engines visit your blog. If you’re blog is new, get your blog linked from another site that search engines already visit. (quick and easy: comment on another popular blog)
  3. Search engines catalog your blog post into their database and determine which keywords to associate it with.
  4. A searcher types in “child getting sudden poor grades.”
  5. Search engines show your blog post title to searchers with a bunch of other possible titles. Here’s where a good title makes you stand out.
  6. Searchers click to your site to read the blog post.
  7. At the end of your blog post you ask them to take action like get on your email list, or sign-up for new teen parenting coaching program.

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