I’m Kenn Schroder, a web designer, blogger, and teacher. I offer website design for coaches such as executive coaches, career coaches, and personal coaches (life, relationships, health).

At CoachingSitesThatWork.com, I blog about websites for coaches, wrote the book, The Coaching Website Guide, and share insider tips to folks on my email list.

And nope, I’m not a teenager. It’s just the camera angle, natural light, and Filipino blood. But, thanks!

Most coaching websites (if they ever launch) are awful messes — chaotic, clunky, and confusing. And that’s bad for biz.

They are not engaging, hurt your credibility, and definitely do not get potential clients interested in coaching. That’s a big problem because you know people will check you out online. Oh, the sleuthing power Google!

It’s actually a bigger problem than that because if you’re not proud of your website, you’ll hesitate to share it, cringing at the idea of any ever visiting it. Thus, you’re not getting out there to find clients, not doing any marketing, and are essentially invisible.

Better to have a website that’s ultra easy-to-use, exciting for your visitors, and highlights your talents as a coach.

Ultimately, your website should build your credibility high, communicate the value you bring, and invite people to reach out to you for help.

You’re confident to spread the word about what you do. And from what I’ve seen, clients start to show up, even with the simplest of efforts.

CoachingSitesThatWork.com is where I help solve this website problem. You can read blog posts on coaching websites, buy my beefy PDF on websites for coaches, and consider working with me to grow your biz.

My Utopia: Everyone Doing The Work They Love

In 2001, I left the New York City corporate world to rekindle my childhood passion for “creating on computers” and have more flexibility in life. Here’s that tale: How I became a website designer for coaches.

It’s my utopia that we all do the work we’re good at so we can enjoy making a meaningful impact and earn an income doing so.

Since much of today’s work can be done from anywhere, and we’re getting smarter about what makes people happy, I believe technology will better alingn people with work they love.

Kenn’s Schroder

For now, I’ll do my part and help talented coaches look good online, get their message out, and find great clients to work with.

I’ve been lucky enough to pull off my version of this — a mix of creative laptop time and traveling the world, How I Became Website Designer for Coaches.

Some places you may have run into me …

I’ve earned the glorious All-Star profile status for posting and supporting coaches since 2011. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

I’ve been a supporting member and I wrote this article for the ICF, Three Keys to a Coaching Website that Attracts Clients.

The Coaching Tools Company

I’m a guest blogger at The Coaching Tools Company, which provides done-for-you career and life coaching tools. Lots of goodies there.

ReciproCoach is a collaborative community of more than 2000 coaches. They use my book one of their coaching rounds, Make Your Website Work!

Entitled resident web designer, I give back to budding coaches over at the Coaches Helping Coaches Facebook Group, the best group for coaches.

Where Am I?

I go between New York and New Zealand, depending on summertime — the seasons are the opposite.

Though the covid chaos has me hunkered down in NZ these days, I work with coaches all over the planet.

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My laptop, the beach, and some fun activity, and I’m gold.

If you need a professional website designer who gets coaches, learn more here: website design for coaches.


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