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Seven Special Moments That Brought You and I Together

I’m Kenn Schroder, a professional website designer for coaches who want to build high credibility and attract new clients.

A twinkle in my dad’s eye and a sparkle in my mom’s bred this full-fledged, ten-toed, half-Filipino who can’t get enough of his laptop.

Below is the tale of how I came to create websites for coaches in 7 special life-changing moments.

Special Moment 1 of 7: Dad’s tough love when I wouldn’t come for dinner.

As I write this, I can hear my mom warmly-but-loudly calling to the five of us, “Childreeennn! Dinner time!”

She summoned us over and over, but we couldn’t budge from the computer. The tribe was mesmerized by the gateway-into-the-unknown called a monitor.

This was back in the 80s. Having a computer was the latest craze.

This Commodore 64 started my life on computers

Mom’s beckonings must have gone on for about an hour (though it felt like a blink of any eye to us) before my dad had enough. Heaven instantly became hell.

My dad stomped into the basement, fuming. We froze — eyes wide in shock — as he slammed the computer on the floor in frustration. Keys flew about, loud crying ensued, and on when five sprinklers of tears.

I don’t blame him one bit for losing his temper. With a little darling girl in my care, I can see how easy it is for kids to get deeply engrossed in hobbies. It’s normal and actually quite special.

Surprisingly, after dinner, we were able to snap the keys back on, and the darn thing actually worked. Lol! Try that with your modern Macbook air. I highly doubt it.

If I wasn’t bicycling around the parks with my friends or playing basketball, I was glued to the computer for hours on end — programming, gaming, and creating however I could.

I was a web designer in the making, and it’s no surprise that today, I spend hours in cafes, making all kinds of fun things happen on the Web.


Have any of your childhood hobbies make it back into your life today?
Please tell me about them in the comments below.

Special Moment 2 of 7: I saw my dream house and then had a nightmare. 

My daily hour-and-a-half slog to New York City was rough. But early in the commute, I would always enjoy a precious moment.

There was this one street of newly built, simple but beautiful houses. They were lovely. They were big-ish, modern-ish, and I could imagine myself owning one with a neat little sports car outside. 

One day, I really went deep into dreaming about buying one. I envisioned what life would be like, having a puppy, starting a family, and having everything in a sweet, enjoyable order.

Then, I realized that if I bought this house, I’d have to stick with the job I had for 20+ years. Then, I freaked out. Yipes!

It wasn’t long after that scary moment when I left that office job to pursue website design and work with coaches.

Perhaps life would be better if I bought that house. Or maybe worse. Who knows.

All I know is that this dream that became a nightmarish vision put me on a path to the work I do today, and you and I get to talk about your coaching business.

Now that’s awesome!

Do you ever look back and wonder how things might have turned out? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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Special Moment 3 of 7: Jumping the corporate ship.

In the last year of my nine-to-five job, I felt this dark, deathly piece of burnt coal growing in the center of my chest. My body was basically telling me that it was time to go.

Having invested four years in college and eight as an actuary (an insurance statistician), I quit and returned to my first love, “creating on computers.”

It was 2001, just after the Internet bubble had burst, the wrong time to become a website designer. But I decided to do it anyway.

Seventeen years later, I know it was a good move. I’ve been able to hop around the planet, master my schedule, and work with superb human beings called coaches while keeping the bills paid and my mouth fed.

After we create a killer website for your coaching business, you can thank me for that brave career change 😉

Made any gutsy career moves? Tell me about it in the comments.

Special Moment 4 of 7: After my first ever coaching session, my head was spinning with delight.

I remember my first coaching session lasting about 2 hours. With all the savvy questions, deep thinking, and idea forming, it was like being caught in a tornado of positivity.

I walked away with a huge sense of relief from overwhelm and stress and a lot of clarity about my goals. I was ready to conquer the world.

Coaching was awesome!

As I learned more about coaching, I quickly realized that I was doing it all my life with friends and family. I was the one who asked mind-opening questions, who helped others see limiting assumptions, who cheered people on when they took action – fail or not.

I fell in love with coaching back then, in 2002, and it’s no surprise that I aligned my website design business to serve professional coaches.

What was your first experience with coaching like? Post it below.

Special Moment 5 of 7: I discovered this old book on selling in the library.

In 2004, I lived in Huntington Village on Long Island, just a few years after leaving my city job.

I needed to grow my fledgling website design business, which wasn’t succeeding and slowing, depleting my savings.

I consumed all kinds of business advice to help me along. But, I clearly remember this one particular day at the local library when I happened on this magical book on sales.

I cannot recall the title, but let call it Ancient Selling Wisdom for Kenn. It definitely was an old looking tome.

a book to grow my website design business for coaches

Thanks to Clem Onojeghuo on for this photo

Getting books from libraries is actually quite fantastic for productivity – the return date deadline and the threat of late fees forces you to read them quickly.

Also, returning them helps prevent clutter at home.

That’s accountability, productivity, and minimalism at their best!

This book taught me 2 vital things:

Selling Wisdom #1. Don’t compete on price as a service professional.

Don’t try to be the low-cost provider. Don’t make “price” the primary reason that clients should work with you.

This is because there will always be someone else trying to undercut you, leading to unsustainable fees. Also, the kinds of clients who only care about fees are often the worst.

Fees should be fair, and the real driver for your offers for services should be to deliver high, tangible value.

That’s the second piece of wisdom …

Selling Wisdom #2. Deliver high value. 

Find legitimate, worthwhile reasons that your clients should work with you.

  • Take the time to learn about their situation in great detail.
  • Find things that they deeply want and need.
  • Ask about their big-picture goals.
  • Learn about their toughest struggles.

Doing those things will help you find better solutions that your clients will strongly want.

After reading that book, I chose to specialize in websites for coaches.

I chose to work solely with coaches so that:

  • I could deliver more value as I built better and better websites.
  • Market more effectively and find clients faster.
  • Be around more amazing people.

Eventually, I wrote my own book, The Coaching Website Guide, with my best learnings.

Special Moment 6 of 7: Dreaming big at Starbucks, 29th and Park, New York

One thing I’ve always been is an adventurer, an explorer. I would have been on The Santa María with Christopher Columbus’s ship.

Around 2006, while living smack in the middle of Manhattan, the travel bug bit me hard, and it was time for a change and a challenge.

I had decided to go to Paris and see if I could run my business abroad.

The trial succeeded, and more multi-month trips both within the states as well as abroad followed. Below are a few blips …

Starbucks Puerto Vallarta Website Design Office

In the sunset-blessed beach town of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I failed to convince this young-preneur to sell his springy animals online. Hmmm.

One Tree Hill, New Zealand with Business Coach Greg

Straight from the airport, high on excitement, Greg and I headed to One Tree Hill for a “sweet as” view of Auckland, New Zealand.

Greece for a Month

Downtime, beach, pools, and history were on the menu when I went to Greece. I’m at the Acropolis in Athens, mimicking that statuesque star.

Walking Through Argentina

In Buenos Aires, days were filled with co-working, city walking, meat, and Tango. This was my first three-in-a-row summer experience. Wild.

L'Etoile de Montmartre Remote Office

L’Etoile de MontmartreThe Star, is a cute little café and the Parisian branch office for my first work-abroad stint of six weeks.

The world is big. Amazing places are endless.

Have you been to any exciting places? Do tell in the comments below. I’d love to hear about it.

Special Moment 7 of 7: Paris France, 10k+ in one week, what the bleep?!

It was 2006 when I took my laptop abroad to see if I could run my business from anywhere in the world.

website designer for coaches, Kenn in Paris
Can I run my website design business abroad? Here’s the setup for a 6-week trial back in 2008. There’s a lot to tell if you can snag me for coffee. 😉

Paris was the place for six weeks while visiting my French girlfriend at the time, in a tiny maid’s quarter in the Northern part of the city, Montmartre.

Here, the planets aligned, and I managed to sign three new high-paying clients, in one week, for over 10k income.

I think the universe was at work, rewarding me for bravery. Here’s the big lesson I took from that success …

Set up your website, emails, and visibility strategies to speak to the needs of your clients and lead them along with action steps to an offer to work together.

Kenn Schroder

Here’s one way you could establish an online coaching business, How to Get 10 Ongoing Paying Coaching Clients from The Web.

Have you had any significant breakthroughs in your work or life? I would love to hear about it.

Website Designer for Coaches, Kenn, in New Zealand

I’ve met lots of people during travels, in the online world, and at co-working spaces. I enjoy connecting with real people.

I’d love to hear about what you’re up to in the comments:

  • What kind of coaching do you do?
  • Where are you located in this world?
  • What’s one pivotal moment that lead you to coaching?

I await …