2 Website Notes on this 6-Figure Coaching Business Checklist

I recently spoke with Renée Hasseldine (founder of CoachNetwork) about coaching websites for earning a six-figure income.

We discussed many of the key components: building a list, giveaways, service offerings, and such. But what I want to comment on is a very handy freebee at her site, “The 13 Essentials Checklist for a 6-Figure Coaching Business.”

I’ll give you the link in a minute.

Here are two comments I want to make about that checklist:

First, my second favorite item on the list is #12: Systemise and Outsource.

When you put systems in place, however small, they are powerful productivity propellers.

For example, when it comes to your web marketing, if you intend to write, you could have time-consuming tedious tasks done for you such as:

  • Posting articles to your blog
  • Sending article headlines to your social networks
  • Sending newsletters to your list
  • Sending articles to any online discussion you participate in
  • Having your articles sent to any offline publications you write for

Your website, technical tricks, and a good VA can get much of these thing done for you without using your time.

On a side note, many coaches resist getting an assistant thinking it’s costly and that there needs to be a lot of work to hand off. Not true. Starting small is a good way to get in the habit of delegating.

For example, you could hire an assistant at $5/hour from ODesk (affiliate) to simply take an article you wrote (say you like writing in MS Word) and post post it to your blog, then submit it online to a website like SelfGrowth.com.

Secondly, my favorite item on the checklist was a part of #1

Item #1 on the checklist is about niches. But one part of it really stuck out for me – have a compelling story to connect you with your clients.

One of my clients works with the families of a loved one in addiction treatment. My client, herself, has been through the challenges of having a loved one in treatment. You can imagine how her story can really resonate with her audience.

And when woven into your website, a good story can really get prospects excited about working with you.

I’ll let you discover and check off the other 11 items in her list as you grow your business.

You can get the 6-Figure Coaching Checklist at Renee’s website: Coach Network (affiliate).

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