6 Reasons People Won’t Get on Your Email List and How to Fix Them

Your list is gold. If you can fill it with people who love what you have to offer, you’ll have a great source from which you can get clients, sell products, help people, rand have fun.

But, you’ve got to be respectful and valuable in order to get visitors to get onto your list and give you their email address.

Below are six reasons people won’t get on your list and tips on how to resolve them.

1. There is no perceived value. It’s not clear why they should get on your email list. A sign-up form that says “Join our email list” isn’t enough. You need to point out the value of your list. Detail the benefits of your being on your list which are likely to include life changing, success achieving, and pain-removing tips. It could be specialized information like health coaching for techie people.

2. They are already on lists like yours. There are a lot of “create a great life”, or “succeed today”, or “make a million bucks” kind of email lists out there. Why should they join another and increase their already-flooded inbox? You’ll have to differentiate the content you provide on your list.

3. Your form doesn’t work. You’d be surprised by how many forms just don’t work. Be sure to test yours out and go through the process of signing up for your email list. If your form works, is the sign-up process clunky? Ask a few friends to go through the process of signing up and see how well they do.

4. They can’t find your sign-up form. Some coaching websites have their form buried down at the bottom of the page and/or on sub pages that require a few clicks to get to. If getting onto your email list is a high priority then make your form prominent – on the home page and at the top of the page.

5. There is no unsubscribe-ability. As people get more savvy about getting on and off of email lists, a key feature they will look for is the ease of being able to unsubscribe if they so desire. When I can’t unsubscribe, I get annoyed. If I didn’t ask for the email, I’m happy to click the “Report Spam” button.You risk getting flagged as SPAM if you don’t give people an easy way to unsubscribe.

6. They are concerned about privacy. People don’t want to get useless email and people are also afraid of their email addresses getting spread around to other spammers. Make a statement right next to your sign-up form that tells visitors you won’t send junk email and won’t give their email addresses to other parties.

Remember, that building a healthy list can be a great source for continued clients, continued sales, and keep your coaching business thriving. Highlight the value of your list and make the sign up process smooth.

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  1. Hi Kenn,
    Thanks for sharing this great info. As you say in Point #1, if there isn’t enough perceived value, people won’t opt in to your list. And these days, just having a newsletter really isn’t enough.

    People want and expect something valuable that meets one of their top burning needs, and they want it for free. In other words they want a valuable giveaway.

    This is such an important topic that I created a free report called The Magic Giveaway Formula to Attract Your Niche and Build Your List. It’s available for free at http://www.magicgiveawayformula.com

    thanks again for your great tips!