A Tip to Create a Great Vibe at Your Website


With my clients, I often ask them how they want people to feel at their websites.

We then pick out a few words or phrases like “inspired”, “challenged to think differently”, or “safe”.

Depending on their area of coaching, their ideal kinds of clients, and their brand etc, those words will guide us in color, images, copy and the likes.

Yes, you should, before you build, or when sprucing things up again, ask what you want visitors to feel at your website.

QUESTION: So, what’s ONE FEELING this image invokes for you?

(any related ramblings welcome too)

BTW, this image came from – one of my fave places for great photos, free for any use – but attribute to the contributor is asked.

This image is by Kira auf der Heide @kadh.

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