A Web Strategy to Get Clients from Your Contacts

It’s good to seek clients through your immediate contacts as those contacts will have some familiarity with you. People like working with people they are familiar with.

Here’s a diagram and some notes on how to get clients by putting out an offer to your contacts.

Some notes …

1. OFFER – Craft an enticing offer for a sample coaching session

  • it could be delivered in an email or written on a web page or even a video
  • limit the offer to a certain number of people or within a certain amount of time
  • be sure to align the offer with their goals by pointing out the benefits
  • give a clear completable action step to take you up on that offer

2. NETWORKS & LISTS – Send it to your contacts (your email list and networks)

  • your own email list that you’ve built up
  • the email lists of your friends
  • another coach’s or other professional’s email list
  • your LinkedIn network – called connections
  • your Facebook network – called friends list
  • your school’s or association’s email list
  • your personal email list (ex. outlook, gmail, yahoo)
  • any discussion groups that you belong to

3.  ME! – People who  want the offer will take action and say “Me!”

Some actions you can ask people to take include:

  • email you
  • pay for it online
  • call you by phone
  • be the first one to meet you at Starbucks
  • send a text message to your ipad?

Remember, your “contacts” can stem further than your address book including social networks, groups and lists from friends. Make an enticing offer, send it out, and give people a clear, easy, and actionable step to take you up on the offer. Soon, you’ll be attracting more clients.

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  1. Hi,

    I think something to keep in mind when marketing your services to your contacts is to try and remove as much doubt and uncertainty from the process as possible.

    The clearer you make the process of interacting with you the easier it is for someone to take up your offer.

    There is obviously an art in making things clear and allaying any doubt in the potential customer’s mind and also keeping your message brief.

    Think about all the questions that will rush through the mind of someone reading your offer. How much will this cost ? What if it doesn’t work out ? Is this offer aimed at people like me ? etc etc

    Each little doubt reduces the chances someone will contact you. It’s worth trying to put yourself in the shoes of a potential client and think about what key questions you can answer.


  2. Your steps are a good starting point for a coach to get their name out there. The strongest point I could add to it would be to follow up, follow up, follow up on any leads. This way your network will continue to grow.