Are You Promoting Like a Big Company or Human?


Are You Promoting Like a Big Company or Human

You’re not a company. Are you trying to look like a big company on your coaching website? Does your copy sound impersonal? Force-feeding your logo on visitors? Burying your photo deep into your site? Using big words?

You’re human. You’re a person people (clients) want to be around. To follow. To be inspired and motivated by. To be shown the way – which does constitute developing their ability to find their own way. The imperfect but caring person who they want to hear from.

You’re also not teaching people what “coaching is.” Are you trying to explain why coaching works? How it works? How your assessments work? Maybe in part it helps them, but they care less about how it works than what it will do for them in the bigger picture.

You’re the catalyst. You’re helping them find their big dreams (goal setting), stay the course (support, accountability), and find great answers (questions, reflection).

One thing you’re not is a company. You’re a coach.

So, here are some major website differences between a company’s website and a coach’s website.

Companies bury their founders’ names deep on some “about our company page”. You’re a coach, the person people will work 1-1 with.  Or, in some way, they have access to your coaching prowess that helps them be it groups, self-study programs, talks, workshops, you name it.

Instead of hiding on your site, be the voice and be visible.

Companies place their logo and slogan everywhere so they are recognized and remembered as household names. You’re a coach. Your face, your name, your big promise, and your inner WHYS are what makes people remember you.

Instead of branding a logo, brand your big promise, your stand.

Companies use “corporate speak” to sound big. You, the coach, use a conversational one-on-one voice so that you connect with people and sound “human”. Think of it like writing an email to a good friend.

Don’t try to sound perfect or right or big. Instead be helpful, care and challenge people to act.

Companies typically want to get their name in front of you as often as possible. Coaches, instead, do better by going deep with each communicative interaction, inviting people to connect, communicate, and move towards their own dreams.

Instead of selling to people, interact and grow with people.

Are you behaving like a big company? Are you hiding on your site? Are you trying to sound perfect, smart, or authoritative? How can you be more human and connect with people? How can you invite people to continue a conversation? Explore and grow with you?

Please share your thoughts below.

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