Attracting Clients Online – the Enlightening Email Series

If you want clients to be drawn to you through your website, you need to have some great trust-building, relationship-growing, and credibility-gaining stuff on it! One great tool for doing this is the enlightening email series.

Attracting Clients Online - The Enlightening Email Series

In this article I will give you keys to using an email series to grow trust with prospects and further increase your expert coach image. And as you know, it’s the trusted expert that people love to hire!

What it is an email series?

It’s an automatic, sequential delivery of emails, say 7, that are sent to the recipient. These emails will cover a specific topic and are designed to help the reader move towards success. For example, “7 Steps to Defining Extremely Motivating Goals”.

An email series can also be referred to as an e-course or an autoresponder series. Sometimes they are free and other times they cost.

Three great things I love about using an email series:

  1. It’s automatic. You just set it up once and each new person who requests the email series gets it. You don’t have to do anything. You get auto credibility building!
  2. It grows the relationship. If you focus your email series on educating, motivating or otherwise helping clients along their journey towards success, they will come to trust you more. That leads to buying.
  3. It’s an asset you can “reference”. Once created, you can refer to this email series as a draw to your site. For example, you can list your website on a social profile by writing, “Visit and get the email series, 7 Steps to Defining Extremely Motivating Goals.”

How to create one?

Simply write a series of emails that supports some bigger intention. Then, deliver them daily over a week or so. Use an email list service like Aweber to automate the delivery.

Be sure to title your email series. Titles like these work well:

  • How to Accomplish X in 7 Steps
  • 5 Keys to Getting Past Challenge Y
  • 10 Bad Beliefs that Keep You Stuck with Z

Some keys for a winning email series:

  • Focus your series on overcoming challenges or attaining desires.
  • Educate with insightful info.
  • Give suggested action steps to try out.
  • Ask great coaching questions to raise awareness.
  • Give examples and stories to illustrate your point.
  • Be excited and happy to help and let that come through in your writing.
  • Coaching models or diagrams are great for supporting your points.
  • Delivering them daily or every 2nd day to work well.
  • Challenge readers with action steps to get them going.

String them along smoothly too.

As people receive an email each day (or other day), they need to be reoriented and reminded about your email series and refreshed on where they were. Think of it like a TV series that gives you a recap of last week and at the end they give you sneak preview for next week.

Here’s an example from a recent client that uses the recap and sneak preview.

Attracting Clients Online - The Enlightening Email Series

On the left is an email from a series. On the right are the recap, headline, and sneak preview.

The recap reminds them of the main point of the previous email.

The headline of today’s email should be big and bold to announce today’s article.

The sneak preview will allude to the great stuff in the next one – keeping their interest peaked!

The takeaway is this -> your clients need to see you as a great coach that can help them. Educating them through an email series will build trust and increase your credibility in their eyes.

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