Coaching Logo Design Tip – Build Personal Trust

Recently, I had the pleasure of helping a long-time-ago, great client and fab coach make some major updates to her website. She’s one of those friendly faces who pop up from time to time over the years — that adds a dose of joy to the moment.

One thing we did was upgrade her logo — to give it some life, personality, and humanness — that realness clients simply love.

Let me share the tip first, and you’ll see the link below. As you know, clients want coaches they trust. They love coaches who are good listeners, fully present. It’s human. It’s helpful, precious, and rare.

And online, when it comes to your website, marketing, and interactions, the same holds — we love “feeling” others through our posts, conversations, and texts.

So, this week’s tip is about your logo for your coaching website, business, and materials. It’s about being human, and connecting, and expressing that.

For Cora’s website, we decide to go with that natural feeling and we used a handwriting font in her logo. You can be the judge if it hit the mark or not (post a comment whilst you’re there).

TIP: When it comes to your website, visuals, content, and all efforts along the way to find clients, I’ve found that being present, warm-blooded, and authentic is the move to make.

It’s much better than any sales trickery, forced tactic, spammy posts, or messages that just feel icky. It beats any attempt to look like a big company too. 

See the new logo here, along with more other blips, bleeps, and blurbs about coaching websites that might help you along.

Love to hear what you think.…/

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