Coaching Website Review – Marriage and Relationship Coach Dan

Below is a quick, 10-minute video review of Dr. Dan Thomason’s marriage and relationship coaching website.

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As I create, review or enhance websites, I always keep this guiding question in mind, How can I make this website better for attracting clients?

Key points for Dr. Dan’s marriage and relationship coaching website:

  • Moving images, almost always distract visitors and a well-chosen still image can do the job nicely.
  • Text on top of images are hard to read if the image is complex. Most people mess this up. See what I suggest.
  • Think “sections” of content and position them to be obvious. Hierarchy should be apparent.
  • Put a juicier sentence or two that encapsulates the essence of what you do at the top instead of scattered “tag-line” kinds of thingies. See what I mean in the video.
  • Spend more time on highlighting the value your package offering instead of trying to motivate buyers on price or discounts (which cheapens coaching).
  • Dedicate a full page for the free initial consultation. Sell it. See my tips in the video.
  • Make a unique, complete page for the eBook and sell it. Use proven good sales content, sure, without being inauthentic, false or cheesy.
  • A lot of little tweaks as well to make it slick and neat.

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