Coaching Website Review – Life Coach Angelica

Here’s a quick website review for Angelica Weaver. Her life coaching website is at

Click here if the video doesn’t show.

As I create, review or enhance websites, I always keep this guiding question in mind, How can I make this website better for attracting clients?

Key points for Angelica’s life coaching website:

  • When I first looked at the domain it was a bit confusing. I wasn’t sure if it was infinity or afinity or its a new made up word. If you share your domain name address I would capitalize AF and leave infinity in lower letters.
  • I like that your face is present and your name is under it. The message beside the photo is great – I’m able to sense what the site is about.
  • The menu at the bottom is a bit confusing. A menu is to be at the top or at the left.
  • Put the logo at the top left of the website.
  • Check for typos
  • Make the sentence before the menu the biggest font on your homepage.
  • Text with background image is unreadable.
  • Many more …

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