One Scary Copywriting Tip


I remember reading this advice in my journey to writing great …

“Cut your copy in half. Then cut it in half again.”

Wow! That’s pretty scary.

It seems hard enough to simply get some good words down on paper. Now, I’m asking you to cut it in half?! Twice?! Yikes!!

Recently, I updated a section of content on my About page in an attempt to apply this advice.

Let me show you three iterations of the content and how it turned out. I think you’ll love it.

Here’s the first write-up, with paragraphs of about 4-5 lines each …

write-up 1

Then, I cut it in half, which feels about 1/3 less …


And here’s the third version, which I forced down to 2 lines each …


Better? Most agree. A few liked the second version better.

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The Coaching Site Guide

So, do you like the chop-chop approach? Hit Like and comment below. 

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  1. I believe that you would not be considered verbose if you use the first cut. It seems more conversational and friendly. It’s not too long. I will definitely use this advice when I tackle my own About Me page this week.

  2. Great example. Often people just quote these ideas over and over but your personal examples are powerful. Thanks!
    When I taught grade school,I used to have a poster in my class with someone hugging their writing and the caption said “Don’t fall in love with your first draft.” Good advice.??

  3. Hi Kenn,

    I actually think that the best version is the second one.
    It has many advantages, and not tiring to read.