Do’s and Dont’s for Coaching Websites – Recording With Gayle of Mentor Coach

I’m in Atlanta visiting family as I make my way to Australia and New Zealand. It’s so great to be able to take my work on the road to spend more richly in life.

coaches discussing web design

A few weeks earlier, in my quest to deepen connections with great coaches, I joined a live call with about 15 coaches, hosted by Gayle Scroggs of the MentorCoach Resource Group. I met Gayle in Argentina about five years ago. She mentors new coaches.

In the recording (link below) I went over 3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts for coaching websites and then took questions. One big thing people loved from the call were the tips on inviting website visitors to call you. Listen for that bit.

Oh and ignore my mumbling in the beginning. It kicks in gear nicely in the QnA section. 😉

(or click here: Listen to 1-hour Do’s and Don’ts for Coaching Websites.)

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  1. Hi, is there some way of downloading the audio? The audio player doesn’t appear to have a download option. Maybe I’m missing something……would rather not sit in front of the computer (and sadly the audio player doesn’t work on the iPhone so I can’t take it for a walk).
    Any suggestions?

    1. Hey Eric. Click the link and a new web page opens with the audio recording.
      This is how the audio was provided to me from the host. Yes, it seems you can’t download it for a walk. An update should make.

      I hear you tho. Sweet to take stuff for casual walks.

  2. It was a JOY to listen to your presentation. Thanks to wonderfully generous you who took the time to answer me personally, I am updating my website with more benefits, more personal connecting, and adding a few freebies that I had previously removed. Bless your brilliant learning tips and your exceptionally kind heart. This recording is a must hear and fun to boot! Many thanks, kind Kenn